Friday, August 9, 2013

7 Quick Takes #90

1. These past couple of weeks have been busy! Where to start? Umm..NFP Week. Sound good? Good. Well it was NFP Awareness Week couple of weeks ago. Enough said right? I spent so much time reading all the wonderful testimonies that people were writing and sharing that I didn't even have time to write anything. Worst NFP advocate ever? I think so.
2. It didn't help that last weekend my mom and sister came up and that Sunday we flew to Chicago for the clinical skills aspect of my Step 2 testing. It was fun and we did some fun touristy things (like eat a Chicago dog in front of the Sears Tower) but I was ready to be home!
3. We got another foster 2 weeks ago, Utah. He's super sweet and an older dog so he's pretty chill. He was obviously someone's pet because he's already microchipped and came to us already knowing how to sit, shake, and lay down. I believe he's being transferred to a CO rescue sometime soon so hopefully he'll have better luck out there to get adopted. We did figure out how he likely became a stray last night though. Steven needed to get something from his car and Utah darted. Steven took off after him and when he didn't catch him at the end of the block I took off in the car. Somehow in the 3 miles he ran Steven got in the car and I was chasing him on foot, literally. In the rush to get out the door I didn't even grab shoes. I think people thought I was on meth running down the street barefoot... in a dress...yelling Utah, which by the way there is no way to yell without sounding like an extra in Coal Miner's Daughter.
Fast lil sucker.

4. Remember Fergus? He was our very first foster and one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met. He loved to snuggle and gives kisses and still has a hold on my heart. We had to give him back to the shelter when we got Spencer but we visited him regularly to walk him and love on him. He was adopted to a lady and her daughter at one point but was returned for somewhat silly reasons (which only makes it harder to get adopted a second time). Well guess what friends, after 8 months of shelter life and many times as dog of the day he finally found his forever home! I was ecstatic! Look how happy he is! 
5. After that whirlwind, I got back home last Tuesday around 11:30pm and started school again Wednesday morning. I'm doing a Derm rotation which is really nice because I'm learning a lot about skin diseases and how to differentiate them. I've only been on the service for a week but already my descriptions has gone from "It's a red rash." to something you may actually hear a real doctor say with words like macule, reticular pattern, and horn cyst. The best part though? No tests at the end of the rotation so everything I'm learning is just for my own edification and it's quite honestly the best way to learn anything. 
6. If you all wouldn't mind sending some prayers my way today I'd be quite appreciative. I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon to discuss what our plan will be for my wonky cycles. I'm hoping it's a quick fix but from what I know about Creighton therapy most things are kind of labor intensive (shots, surgery, big diet changes, etc). Who's the patron saint of lazy? I need to hit him up. 
7. Friday Funny:

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  1. I'll be praying for your health and your appointment for sure! ...Is it true that Chicago hot dogs are purple??

  2. The Utah story is hilarious. I am glad you are enjoying your rotation, and will be praying about the best course of action for your cycle.

  3. as someone who has seen 4 dermatologists - because I fired the first 3 for incompetence and being genuinely unhelpful - I appreciate your newfound ability to distinguish rashes! ;)

  4. I love what you wrote for #1, I read a bunch too and didn't get to writing one! ya ain't alone sister ;)

  5. Praying for you regarding your doctor's appointment!!

    I just finished up a bunch of tests and have a similar appointment on Monday afternoon to talk about the results and go forward plan. I'm already overwhelmed anticipating all the changes they are going to ask me to make. Ha. Trying to take deep breaths. :)

  6. #3...AMAZING visual! lol
    Prayers for you Katie!!! Also, when you find out who the patron saint of lazy is, will you please post? I too need to chat with him/her. thanks! :)

  7. Offering up my encounters with crazy at this pageant for you my friend. :)

  8. We had a dog like that. We got her from a shelter and we think she had previously been abused. But she was a runner. If you weren't really fast to shut the front door she'd RUN and she was also a digger and constantly dug under the fence when she was outside. But we'd go out to get her and call her, she'd see us, then she'd take off running basically thinking we were "playing with her" haha funny dog. The weird thing would be usually I'd give up (I was in middle school/high school when we had her) and 10 minutes later she'd show up at the front door. Or she'd circle around and by the time I would get home she'd be sitting at the front door.

  9. Yes! Harry Potter and Hunger Games unite! Great picture. Also, after having chased my own dogs down the street and into traffic, I totally understand the story. :)

  10. Yes! Harry Potter and Hunger Games unite! Great picture. Also, after having chased my own dogs down the street and into traffic, I totally understand the story. :)

  11. LOL at your Utah story!! :-) Not so fun running the 3 miles, I'm sure.
    I'm so happy that Fergus found his forever family!!! He was a cutie, that's for sure!
    Prayers for your Dr. appointment to go great and give you some answers / non-invasive treatment options!


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