Friday, June 7, 2013

7 Quick Takes #86

1. I know I've been a crappy blogger as of late but I promise I have a relatively good reason. I've been out of town for the GYN portion of my rotation and unbeknownst to me I found out that I'm basically on call 24/7. I started Monday night, we got done at 7pm so I went home, showered, ate dinner, and just as I was about to lie down for bed I got a text informing me that I needed to head back in as we had two deliveries come in. I was at the hospital until 2am that night. The next night I got a text at 1230am that we had another delivery that night. She didn't deliver until 3am. Fortunately Wednesday went by without any late night calls and I had to come back home for mandatory lectures on campus for Thursday.

2. And as much as I wish I could say I'm going to catch up with blogging this weekend since I'm home, I'm not going to. My weekend is already jam packed! Tomorrow is my birthday so tonight we're having dinner and drinks with our friends Patrick and Hilary to celebrate. Then tomorrow another friend is having their yearly summer BBQ and after that we'll be galavanting out of town for a wedding. So naturally I would rest up on Sunday but ever since my sister and I found out about this quarter sale, she drives up to go check it out with me most weekends.
3. Even though it's going to be crazy, I'm happy all of this is falling on my birthday weekend. I couldn't think of a better way to spend it than with my friends and it just so happens that they're all throwing parties on it. How convenient of them!
4. Speaking of celebrating, Patrick and Hilary are coming over after dinner for cocktails on the patio (followed by Hilary and I stomping the guys in pitch). I'm at a loss for what kind of cocktail to make though. I was thinking one of those fun moscato mixed with fruit ones that I was sure I had pinned on Pinterest 1000x times. Unfortunately I'm not seeing it. So I'm open to suggestions, what's your favorite fun summer drink?
Something like this: only the lazy version.
5. I'm getting myself a new pair of Sperry's to celebrate my birthday (and to use up a gift card) and I just can't decide on what kind.  Super Jazzy or just kind of jazzy?
There was going to be a super awesome polyvore here but after 30 minutes of meticulously aligning it one stray click made it all disappear. I couldn't do it again.

6. So since I've been home for this rotation I've had access to cable television. I have been sucked in by the NatGeo channel. My sister and I started watching it at 9 and didn't freaking move until midnight we were so captivated by Polygamy USA and Taboo. It's almost hard for me to believe it's real! How? I don't get it. They had this guy on Taboo that drank blood and said he was vampire and they showed some guy volunteer to let him drink his blood (not a lot obviously). What is wrong with these people? Who volunteers for that?!? Anyways, I could talk about this all day. If you watch it let me know. We'll chat.

7. Friday Funny: When I saw this on Catholic Memes, I freaking lost it. 

Happy Friday! Head to Jen's for more!


  1. That picture of the drinks look dee-lic!
    Between those shoes, I would go for super jazzy.
    Have a wonderful birthday weekend!! :)

  2. Happy birthday! Sorry you've been so busy and I hope it's gotten better from the last time I heard!

  3. I'm turning 25 in a few days,too--Happy Birthday! I second the vote for the super-jazzy shoes; I've been wanting a gold metallic pair (but I'm not brave enough for glitter) myself =)

  4. This is why I love you, Katie. My birthday is Tuesday. Geminis unite! Sounds like an awesome weekend. Enjoy!

  5. Happy Birthday you young thing!!!

    I think often about the fact that my doctor takes every Wednesday "out of the office" and when I'm getting called by him or his nurse with information at 7:00 p.m. or 9:30 p.m., I realize that is why he needs at least one day "out of the office" so he can get other stuff done!!! Also...he delivers his I would imagine there are times he's probably at the hospital A LOT!!! :) Hang in there. I often thought if I went to nursing or med school...I would have done the labor and delivery thing for sure.

  6. Happy Birthday!! Have fun :) OB-GYN got cray cray with call and O.R...glad you have the weekend off to recover. I had a couple deliveries last week on Family Med which I loooved.

    The Sperry's are super cute, I'd go for the kind of jazzy :)

  7. Tomorrow is my birthday also! :) Happy Birthday, Katie! Cindy

  8. Happy Birthday, Katie! Hope you do find a moment of rest in there!

  9. Happy birthday! Tonight is the perfect night for drinks! My favorite? Sangria. Or... orange pop with vanilla vodka. Classy shit, I know. Have fun this weekend and stop taking all the good shit at those quarter sales! All that was left were shirts from Kennedy's!

  10. Tinto de verano (from Spain):

    -half red wine
    -half Fresca

    Throw in some orange wedges and serve very cold over ice. Yum! One of our favorite souvenirs from the Camino de Santiago!

  11. Happy birthday! I can't watch too much TV or else I'm a broken record of, "What is WRONG with people?!?"

  12. I know this is after the fact BUT great summer cocktail = juice of 1 grapefuit + vodka (you decide the oz) + ice. My new favorite :)


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