Friday, May 3, 2013

7 Quick Takes #83

1. You know how I love to thrift right? Well I found this website that has all second hand clothes (all nice) for relatively cheap. I say relatively cheap because I would never pay $12 for a shirt or $20 for a dress but I'm also certifiably crazy. So for those of you who want super cute clothes that are in style for cheap but also have crappy thrift stores in your area check out Twice. If you go there let me know what you find. [Disclaimer: I have not bought anything from them so I have no idea about any of that. Just saw the site and loved the idea. Also this isn't an endorsed post. I haven't received anything from them. I know you were worried about my credibility.]
2. This week a judge ordered that Plan B available over the counter to anyone age 15 and older. One of the best commentaries I've read on this was from Catholic Pediatrics. While this is obviously a societal nightmare for a bajillion reasons this article addresses the most objective of all the evidence for the basis of my disapproval, post-fertilization actions. Check it out and share it with your friends!
3. Ya'll are well aware that it's May right? Well I wish someone would freaking tell Kansas weather. It was 84 degrees Tuesday and then snowed on Thursday and is still snowing today. And not just a little snow, accumulating snow! It's unbelievable! We're supposed to get around 3 inches. In May! My poor plants.
4. My diet is crap. I mean seriously, it's bad. I consider a double wrapped Chipotle burrito one of my healthier meals. So I need your tips for eating healthier? Especially more real food? How do you sneak in better food without it seeming as disgusting? (I know. I'm going in to this with such a good attitude.)
5. I wrote this week about licitly using NFP to postpone pregnancy and my goodness did it get a reaction. I haven't had a chance to respond yet as the NICU hours are crazy but I will. Anyways, check it out as it's a compilation of what #cathsorority has written and has a ton of great dialogue in the combox.
6.Look ya'll! CCCLI's magazine Family Foundations wrote about me:
Just kidding. I showed that to husband last night and his eyes got really big, he completely disregarded the large picture of a man and snatched it out of my hands. "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!?" Then my giggling and the aforementioned picture of Tim gave it away. If you're interested though it's actually far more interesting than anything written by or about me. In fact this entire issue is dedicated to men using NFP and this particular article has some great guys like Brandon Vogt, Matt Warner, Mark Shea and more. If you don't subscribe to it, you're missing out. Check it out.

7. Friday Funny:  From What Should We Call NFP?

The First Time You Find Your Cervix.


  1. I lovee the new tumblr. I can't believe they're letting 15 year olds get plan B. Ugh ugh.

  2. The last picture is creepy but funny! I also disregarded the man's picture until I read further ;).

  3. That magazine is hilarious! And I really enjoyed your post about postponing pregnancy.

  4. Well, here's an idea for #4: healthy chocolate 'pudding':

    1. Put some cocoa powder and a bit of sugar into one container (fairly large; you'll be adding the rest to it), and shake so it's mixed.

    2. Put some oats in a heat-proof container (I usually use a glass jar), and pour boiling water over them. Let these sit until they're as done as you'd like.

    3. When the oats are done, add them to the cocoa/sugar combo, along w/ any extra water (and if there isn't extra water, add some so you can stir this). Stir a bit.

    4. Put a dollop of peanut butter in, and then add some coconut milk (not the expensive kind in cans; the cheaper kind in Tetrapaks). Stir. Add more of whatever seems missing :)

    Voila! A bit of caffeine (the cocoa powder), some protein (the PB & oats), and not very much of the stuff that's not good for ya (just enough to make the pudding taste good)!

  5. I'm a Chipotle lover, too! An easy way to cut a few hundred calories and eat less starch is just to skip the tortilla and get the burrito bowl instead =) Have a good weekend, and here's hoping for warmer weather for you!!

  6. BAHAHAHAHA! That GIF cracks me up every time!!!

  7. a good place to start, if you're busy, is to buy portable fruits and healthy snacks. lots of apples, bananas, pears/oranges are a bit messier in my opinion but still travel well. grapes do well in small disposable gladware (you can bring it home if you want to save money, or chuck it if it's not worth carrying a dirty dish for 18 hours.) I also am always stocked on granola bars. i generally get ones with some type of chocolate. kashi makes a good dark chocolate cherry.

  8. It's farmer's market season! I strongly recommend trying to buy as much of your food from your local markets if at all possible - it tastes SO much better, is better for you, and is *just* expensive enough that you'll make sure not to waste any!

  9. Thanks for your blog! Found you from Conversion Diary. I have a blog for D.I.Y. crafts, projects, and positive reflections:

  10. I love for easy recipes and healthy living tips in general. She's Catholic and has a huge family, so I feel I can trust her. =)


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