Friday, November 23, 2012

7 Quick Takes #63

The one where I attempt to say what I'm thankful for without being a total cheeseball. (Because you all already know I'm thankful for my family, friends, God, and the internet.)
--- 1 ---
I'm thankful for Pandora. I have 2 Christmas stations set up and I've been listening to them since October for a couple days (because that's a totally sane answer).  Speaking of Christmas I'm thankful that I finally get to decorate! Mary Kate knows what I mean! Can't wait to see all ya'll decorations! In fact I'm toying around the idea of Christmas decor link up. Who would be in?
--- 2 ---
I'm thankful for Bath and Body works candles. If you don't own a Fresh Balsam candle then you're not doing anything in your life correctly. In fact if you don't own one stop reading this post, put some pants on, and go buy one. Your Christmas will never be the same. And while we're at it, check our Scentsicles. They're ornaments (that are ugly green sticks) that you hang on your tree and smell like heaven. They're kind of expensive but worth it. I'm hiding them all over my house this year and between them and the candles, my house will smell like a Christmas tree farm on crack!
--- 3 ---
I'm thankful for online shopping. I'm from a small town and we only really have a Wal-Mart to shop at.  Fortunately stores have started opening their online shopping sale hours on Thanksgiving. I was able to get my parents gift and a couple things for Steven without even leaving the house. Plus it's Black Friday so you know they had free shipping. Most importantly though, I'm just glad that stores are catering the the introverts.
--- 4 ---

I'm thankful for linkups. I know I already talked about linkups but I was thinking about how fun they are. Between 7 Quick Takes, WIWS, and yesterday What I Wore to Thanksgiving Dinner linker I feel like I actually know all these strangers on the internet. It's so fun checking out what everyone wore and reading about what they did this week. So keep the link ups coming ya'll!
--- 5 ---
I'm thankful for Keurigs. I didn't know I was a coffee snob before I had a Keurig. I could drink whatever brown water came out of coffee pot without any hesitation. Well not anymore folks, Keurig has made coffee so much better. I actually enjoy drinking it now. Plus their customer service is fantastic! When my was acting up a couple of weeks ago a sweet man named Eric walked me through exactly how to fix it for 34 minutes. He's a saint because even I wanted to hang up on me! So because I love it so much and I know ya'll want in on the sweet K action, check out Kohl's. You can get a the fancy one that holds water for ~ $71, shipped. You are welcome.
--- 6 ---
Lastly, I'm thankful for all those wonderfully smart people who took pictures of their ideas and put them on the internet to be pinned. I'm looking at you, shoeholder over linen closet lady and you, panty hose over vacuum mom! Oh! How could I forget homemade detergent/soap/coffee creamer scientist? Ya'll deserve those Real Men of Genius awards. For reals.
--- 7 ---
Friday Funny: I'm not thankful for this:

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  1. #2: what if all my pants are in the wash and bbw isn't open yet?

    #3: all about shopping without having to deal with real people.

  2. #2: I am a candle addict and have my Balsam candle from Bath and Body all ready. (as well as a few other scents)

  3. I would totally be in for the Christmas decoration link up, but we aren't decorating til a week from Sunday so just leave it open for a while :).

  4. I've recently become addicted to the link-ups too. Glad that I can internet-stalk more people. ;) - Janel

  5. Linkups and the blogosphere *are* good for building a whole new kind of community. I'm no longer addicted; the work got to be too much...but I definitely enjoy!

  6. This quick takes totally made me smile - thanks! I have done all my Christmas shopping on amazon this year, b/c as a student I get free two-day shipping (woohoo!) In return, they get all my business. And what did we do before Pinterest?!

  7. I love that I can do 90% of my Black Friday shopping online now and that I don't have to pay shipping. Heck some stores were out of what I wanted and I went online and ordered it online!

    Yay for christmas link-up although I have NO IDEA when we will start decorating.

  8. I'm in for Christmas decor link up....then I don't have to figure out how to set one up!! So there. However, Hubs threw his back out so I think we'll wait until next weekend to do it up.

    I'm an online shopper for Christmas...the kids wait until forever to get their lists together and time is money and internet is free shipping, so yeah, cyber Monday, let's roll!

  9. I am such a sucker for your candle shpeel. I guess I need one now.

  10. Oh, also, do you listen to Electronic Holidays on Pandora? We wait all year to listen to that gem!


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