Friday, August 3, 2012

7 Quick Takes #47

--- 1 ---
75% done with surgery. Not that I'm counting down or anything.
--- 2 ---
I had my first call night this week. I worked for 27 hours. Aren't you jealous?
--- 3 ---

So for our anniversary a couple of weeks ago Steven got me some seasons of my favorite tv shows. One was Scrubs. Rewatching it now that I've actually started working in a hospital I've found that it is surprisingly accurate.
Spot on.

--- 4 ---

Anyways, it wouldn't be a 7QT post without a shameless plug to iuseNFP. We picked the winner for our giveaway yesterday. Have you checked to see if you won?

--- 5 ---
Did you eat Chic-Fil-A Wednesday? I didn't. Apparently that makes me a God-hating liberal. I also haven't had any Starbucks or Oreos in a while, I must be 'fag'-hating redneck.

Man, who knew my eating habits said so much about a person.
--- 6 ---
Last night this hashtag was trending: #everyonebutmelikes. I decided to participate (can I blame it on being postcall?) and shared that I don't like caramel, candy bars, or ranch. My God, you'd think I said I hated babies, happiness, and love. So for all of you with weird eating habits or dislikes, share them with me! Here's another: I don't like chocolate and peanut butter mixed.

--- 7 ---
Friday Funny: Oh Disney!

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  1. #5 is killing me! Love the hipster Disney princesses! I love how there are some of us nice Catholic girls that have such sarcasm beneath the surface. :)

  2. #6: Not a fan of... broccoli, lettuce (salads are pretty much ruined on me), normal breakfast foods, and gravy.

  3. #6 was fun to do but it's okay b/c there are PLENTY of things that I eat that I know others think are gross. Plus if we all ate the same foods that would be boring!

    #7 Love the disney funny! Totally shared it with some disney groups and they thought it was funny too. There are some good ones out there :)

  4. "I don't like chocolate and peanut butter mixed." WHAT?!? lol. Well, I don't like potatoes (which includes baked, mashed... every form *including* french fries). I also can't stand raw tomatoes.

    Surgery sucks... yay for being almost done! And boo for doctor's schedules in general. Its 5:50am and I've already had breakfast with my husband and dropped him off at the hospital which is 15 minutes away (because my car is in the shop).

  5. I like bananas, but hate banana flavored baked goods and candies. Gross! And, I hate, hate, hate, oatmeal. The texture is horrible.

  6. I'm not one but jealous of your work day. But you're 3/4 done! Yay! And I didn't eat at Chick Fil A. but that's because I don't like their food anyway. haha!

  7. #6 I don't like milk, blue cheese no matter what you call it! most red meat, grape jelly

  8. List of things I avoid like the plague: beer, lettuce on sandwiches and burgers, & all seafood (except tuna from a can).

  9. #5 We don't have any where I live, as for Starbucks...
    #6 I hate coffee, tea, cucumbers, ranch, and wonder bread.

  10. Katie, I am the opposite of you! This week I had both Chick-fil-A and Starbucks. I'm hoping that the cosmic scales are balanced because of this act. Or that we can just eat and drink what we want in peace, for goodness sake!

  11. Starbucks makes for a cheerful, productive Sarah. So...yeah. As for #6... I don't like scallops, water chestnuts, dried chow mein noodles, bubble gum, and ketchup. The last two are probably the only ones that qualify lol. Glad you survived 27 hours!

  12. #everyonebutmelikes: dogs(so sorry!), wii and skittles.

    just cant jive with 'em.

  13. Bahahaha, I love the random glasses on all the Disney characters. Weird but funny!

  14. Scrubs for life! My husband and I watch it alllll the time. I feel like me+my husband together are Dorian. (Me=total emotional daydreamer. My husband=the guy who wears scrubs.)

  15. Haha, love that you're seeing Scrubs through different eyes. When I first started watching it I was already in that environment so I loved it. It's accurate sometimes in the serious moments, but I am always telling people that NO nurse has that much time on her hands. (And in one episode a random nurse walks up to JD and Turk and asks them to change an IV bag in room ___ and they do--without knowing the patient or confirming ID or anything.)

    The best part is how I picked up saying JD's line, When you work in a hospital... whenever people ask me about it or how my day was :-)


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