Sunday, July 29, 2012

Thriftaholic Needs Committed

My mom and sister came up to go thrifting this weekend and boy did we find some deals. We happened upon a few specials sales and got even better than normal prices. For example my favorite store, Maj-R Thrift, had a BOGO free on women's pants, as you'll see we cleaned house with that. Another store had everything 50% off. Anyways here are my finds:
Tiffany bangle Paid $1 Retails $475
No shit. I looked it up and was shocked.
Who pays that much?!?

BCBC Max Azria Sun dress. Paid 4.39 Retail: $250

Super Nintendo system with 7 games and Game Genie.
Paid $40 Retail: (Hard to tell) $100
I've been looking for one of these for awhile on Craigslist
and they've been anywhere from $50-$200. 

Kensie dress Paid: 10.50 Retail: $70

Old Navy Shorts Paid: $2. 40 Retail: $25

Ann Taylor Dress Paid: $8 Retail $70

Adidas shoes Paid $10 Retail $80

Old Navy Cardi Paid $6 Retail $25

Not sure what this is, will wear as Swim cover
American Apparel...something
Paid: $2 Retail $40~ 
Not factored in but how cute is this??

We got 5 pairs of Lucky Jeans for $2 each
They retail for ~$100 each

Lucky Jeans #2

Lucky Jeans #3

Lucky Jeans #4

Lucky Jeans #5

BKE Jeans again $2 a piece. Retail: $80

BKE Jeans #2

MissMe Jeans Paid $4 Retail $100
Mini Dooney and Bourke purse
Paid $10 Retail: $100

Total Spent: $112.29
Total Retail: $1395
Total Saved: $1282.71

So do you thrift? If so what have you found? My friend Liesl has started thrifting and shared some of her awesome finds too. Check them out! If you get inspired to go thrifting let me know what you find! :D


  1. I LOOOOOOOVE Super Nintendo! Thankfully I got all my favorite games on our Wii (absolute fave = Super Mario World. It is the best video game of all time.)

    Great finds!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  2. I do not understand your crazy thrifting luck! We definitely do NOT have those kinds of goods in our local thrift stores. :(

  3. There is a store here where you can sell your gently used clothes, so we can find steals there but they're more like $20-$40 for $100 jeans. Still a good deal...but yours are insane!

  4. A tiffany bracelet! I can't believe they were selling that for so cheap! The silver alone is worth a lot more than that, let alone the name brand stamped on it. Wow!

  5. I never have any luck thrifting. I don't know if I'm really bad, or if I juts don't go to good stores, or if my size just always has crappy stuff?? How do you find the thrift stores you go to? I pretty much only know about Goodwill, and I can never find anything good... :(

  6. If you want to hear me cuss worse than a sailor then put me in front of a Super Nintendo. Let's plan a party where we drink, eat and play video games. Whenever this baby decides to show up!

  7. You must live in a very affluent area. I don't see deals quite like this at our local thrift stores (Virginia Beach). The best deal I ever got was a pair of brand new Banana Republic jeans for my hubby for $7. I nearly had a fit. I will say that I often get compliments on the blouses I wear to work (all thrifted). Even if they weren't super scores (normally retail for $20 - $40, I got them for $2 - $4) it's still nice to get great clothes for a great price.

  8. I agree, you must live in a very wealthy area! I LOVE Lucky jeans, but I've only found one pair ever thrifted. And I check every single pair of jeans on the rack when I go.

  9. Ahhh you inspire me! I recently found a UNC Nike jacket (I know you wouldn't like that though hehe) for $4.56 and a Loft cardigan for 3 something! :)

  10. 1. Thanks for the shout-out! :)
    2. I love love love l.o.v.e. the dresses! *Swoon* Especially the Ann Taylor one! That's the one thing that I have not had luck finding at the thrift store - I think it's the sizing, it's harder to work with than skirts and shirts if something doesn't fit juuuust right.
    3. I really think we need to go thrifting together... what an adventure. Let's see, if we meet halfway, that's still about a full day of driving each... ok, I'll work on the plan.


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