Friday, July 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes #46

--- 1 ---

Surgery may be the death of me. For real.

--- 2 ---

I had all these grand plans for NFP Awareness Week. As you can see they've turned out splendidly. :|

--- 3 ---

Have you seen iuseNFP launched? Last Friday was our first day live and the response was AMAZING. Unlike my blog, I've actually been adding stuff over on iuseNFP. (And by I, I mean Kayla has been kicking ass keeping it updated.) Check it out!

--- 4 ---

I have a link up going on for my 2nd wedding anniversary with some pretty badass wedding tips (none my own, of course. I only endorse the lovely ladies who added to the link up).

--- 5 ---

Did you know if you don't get beans at Chipotle it's cheaper? Booyah!

--- 6 ---

Speaking of fast food, I'm honestly beyond confused by all of this Chic-Fil-A crap. Who cares? It's a fast food restaurant, not a politician or anyone who's political opinions should matter to you.

--- 7 ---
Friday Funny: How I feel about everything right now, especially chores!

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  1. Love your 7. Also I agree, who cares about a political stance of a company.. they're making such a big deal over nothing. So silly.
    Anyway, praying the rest of your surgery rotation goes better!

  2. #7, LOL!!

    I did great with the NFP awareness week last year. This year, not so much. Sigh! Your site is great, though!

  3. 6 - and, tbh, not even a very good fast food restaurant. I seriously don't get the appeal.

    7 - YEP.

    4 - I keep MEANING to write something & link it up (as with all the linkups anyone every does ...) but somehow eating and sleeping take precedent. Sad me. God only knows what I'll ever manage to do online once Rex is here.

  4. Dude, just hand me the "bigoted" waffle fries. Delicious, delicious intolerance!

  5. Better the death of you than someone else? Because then you would feel guilty. . . But you would be dead and not feeling so . . . Best of luck!

  6. AHHH hahaahhahahahhahahaha @ "Ain't nobody got time for that!" I CAN RELATE!!!!!!!! I am so excited about the NFP launch. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can incorporate it on my blog? My best idea is to make a Natural Family Planning tab. I don't ever blog about it (or haven't yet) because I'm too shy about people knowing about my mucus, but I DO want people to know I do NOT contracept and I'd love to help people learn more about NFP if I could...

    For Love of Cupcakes

    1. Hmm now that I'm reading this, I probably should have asked you advice about my blog in private. You can answer on facebook or twitter if you'd prefer. :)



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