Friday, July 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes #44

--- 1 ---

Hooray for being published flowers!
In case you missed my shameless plugging via twitter...I was published! OSV published 5 pieces by me in their July 22nd edition. They wanted to focus NFP since NFP Awareness Week is right around the corner which is perfect because you know I won't freaking shut up about NFP. Anyways, check them out at OSV!
--- 2 ---
On a totally off topic note, I found this Typing test. I should warn you, only go check it out if you have some time to kill because you will get stuck there. Or maybe check it out if you're at work and want to look like you're doing something productive. ;-) I got my words per minute rate up to 101 and had to quit. (In case you were wondering I kicked Steven's 67WPM typing ass! :D) Let me know what you get if you check it out!
--- 3 ---
Remember a couple of weeks ago I said we were getting new furniture? Well we did and I love it!


After, with old pillows

New pillows! Yay for cheap thrift store pillows!
I love having a real couch and my own recliner. I know some people look down on recliners and I used to think that they'd be for a man cave but not a living room but I stand corrected. I love my recliner. It's like a rocking chair on a lazy susan and a recliner had a baby and my recliner was the product. It's fabulous!

--- 4 ---

I have an embarrassing confession now. Someone please explain to me what the deal with all the mustache crap is? I don't get it. I see it all over pinterest (on straws, on babies, on fingernails even) and it's over my head. Did I miss some new hipster trend or did Zooey Deschanel rock a mustache somewhere? Fill me in!
--- 5 ---
So I think I got pretty lucky with this part of my surgery rotation. So I've only been doing 12 hours days and I've had time to run home for lunch in there. Plus this is the second Friday that I've gotten off! (Maybe because no one wants surgery on Friday the 13th.) Booyah! Next week is my last week of breast surgery and I honestly can't believe how quickly it went! Crazy!
--- 6 ---
Lastly, what would a 7 quick takes be without an elusive update on iuseNFP? Well we got a BUNCH of work done this week and now that I have some time today and this weekend I'm going to try and knock off a bunch more. It's starting to really look great! Things are happening and I promise it's not going to be too much longer. (How many times have I said that before though? ;-))
--- 7 ---
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  1. Hey! I also don't understand what's going on with the mustache thing, but I thought it was because I live in Germany now and I'm out of the loop on everything (Call me maybe jokes and spoofs, this owl thing?) Let me know when you figure it out!

  2. you are invited to follow my blog

  3. So excited for you getting published and I love the new furniture! :)

  4. Dang. I type very slowly, apparently! I'm even too ashamed to admit my number here.

  5. I'm a big fan of your new furniture! And I am also a big fan of 7. Story of my life.
    So excited you were published! The flowers are beautiful! I loved your articles :)

  6. Yeaaaaaaaah... the mustache thing.... At my SIL's wedding the groomsmen all grew mustaches and then for wedding pictures they all sported fake mustaches. People thought it was hilarious. I was just like... eeeh... whaaaaa..?? They are very artsy fartsy, hipster type folk. I find it funny that they were wanting to be one-of-a-kind and unique with the mustache wedding, but now it's EVERYWHERE.

    Also, congrats on being published! Hoooray!

  7. I'm starting to think this iuseNFP website is a figment of your imagination. Just kidding :) I can't wait to check it out and make everyone I know look at it :)

  8. So. Close. Only. X. More. Days. To. Go.
    And I swear - I WILL get those posts written and ready for publication soon.

  9. I believe the current moustache fad started with Movember getting bigger play, and as that appealed to the alternative/hipster set in the first place, the moustache then became more popular in the ironic sense (as we can see in the babies/women/animals/inanimate objects trend).

    Movember, which is the month in which men grow moustaches to "change the face of men's health" and raise money for prostate cancer research and awareness, was started somewhere around 2000 in Australia, but became a worldwide thing around 2005 or so.

    The moustache, I believe, is well suited to hilarity and popularity at this current time, due to its appeal to (a) Victorian/steampunk, (b) irony, and (c) the recovery of masculinity. It also has not been a men's trend for two decades and thus, by the laws of retro fashion, was ready for a comeback.

  10. Congratulations on being published! These articles are, for the most part, a great introduction to the benefits of NFP for OSV readers.

    I do have one very important technical criticism of your "Method Madness" article, which I have posted on the original thread on this blog. I sincerely hope you and your readers take a look at it, especially if they are struggling or finding NFP burdensome.

  11. I too enjoy recliners. There are so many ways to get comfortable in them! I have to admit though that my latest furniture desire is to get a hammock for my patio... but I'm not sure I'm allowed to have it out there... I'll have to ask...

    OK, serious question. Are thrift store pillows ok to buy? I get afraid to buy things like linens and things at thrift stores because A) you have no idea where it's been, B) some of those things are hard to wash, and C) I've heard horror stories about bed bugs (especially having worked for an apartment complex) and it scares me. Thoughts?


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