Saturday, July 7, 2012


A couple of months ago I got tweeted a website to look at. At first I thought it was spam because it had some weird snuff porn sounding name: 1flesh. Then I remembered something from the Bible that sounded similar and the person who tweeted me didn't seem too sketchy so I decided to check it out. Since then I have been dying, absolutely dying to share it with you all because it didn't turn out to be snuff porn.

If you haven't heard of 1flesh by now you must live under a rock (along with my husband who swears off the 'evil' internet). By their own description they are "a grassroots movement in opposition to the use of artificial contraception within marriage, dedicated to bringing great sex to the entire universe." Through the use of memes, infographics, and current vernacular they are bringing the message of 'a better way' to go about having sex to the youth of 'the entire universe.'

You can imagine how I would feel about them. Me, the crazy NFP lady, them, the crazy anti-contraceptives people, we're two peas in a pod. I adore them. Although they make think I'm a stalker. Anyways, this is exactly the kind of message that people said they were looking for in my "Where do we go from here?" post. 1flesh is updating the way people think about contraception, not through changing the content of the message just through changing its style. They took the message from Urkel to Stefan. Yeah, I said it. 

Unfortunately not everyone feels as fondly about them as I do. Their Facebook page was reamed with comments about how they are dangerous, uneducated, ignorant, and religious fanatics. They've been blasted by the Friendly Atheist, Jezebel, and most recently the Huffington Post. The theme of all the critiques thus far has been "This is a dangerous website spreading misinformation! Teens will get pregnant and die solely because of this site!!" Wouldn't the sex ed teacher in Mean Girls be proud?

All of these critics are choosing to overlook that 1flesh is not turning a blind eye to the consequences of sex. (Ironically enough, that's something the critics do a pretty good job of themselves but I digress.) Instead 1flesh is promoting a better way. A way that equates men and women, objectifies no one, is the safest approach to sexual health, and has no adverse side effects, ya know like cancer or pulmonary embolisms.They're promoting abstinence until marriage and then natural family planning within it...which is pretty much the exact same as hoping people get STIs and pregnant in their teens.

I will admit that for my preference I wish they'd go more into the science of why hormonal contraceptives are so shitty but I realize not everyone has degrees in Biology, Chemistry, and Physical Science.  The biochemistry I long for would be lost on others just as I'm sure all of the artistic talent and web design features (sorry Dan!) exemplified on the site are lost on me. All in all I love what 1flesh is doing. They've modernized the message to make it applicable and relevant to teens today. Their website is streamlined, comprehensive, and easy to use. It's very much along the lines of iuseNFP, so would you expect anything but love from me? ;-) If you want to share some love with them (and help drown out the flack) head to their site and thank them for what they're doing. I know they'll appreciate it!


  1. hehehe... stalkers... *whistles and glances around creepily/nonchalantly*

  2. "From Urkel to Stefan!?" SHUT. UP! This made me smile SO big! And ever since you tweeted about 1flesh, I've been hooked. So call me a stalker, too. :)

  3. I think there are a lot of us who are just so relieved to see such a great site declaring what is true about sex... well, we're pretty much all gonna fit in the stalker category :)

  4. I am so glad Marc is pro-active about this. Our culture so badly needs to see that there is a better way to live!

  5. Hi Katie! You make a great point here about the need for more detailed, scientific information. Perhaps there could be a section on 1flesh for this. Yes it may be lost on some individuals (like me, a poli sci major!) but for those who really want the nitty gritty scientific info, this would be very helpful. Just something to consider and maybe talk to Marc about. More information can only help the cause!

  6. Katie... You know my stalker status when it comes to 1flesh haha. BOOKMARKED!

  7. The HuffPost and Jezebel articles (I didn't even bother reading the Friendly Athiest one)completely miss the point, as you say. And when gray says that 1flesh promotes "the rhythm method or 'pulling out'" it's clear she knows very little about what the blog promotes and/or what Catholics teach.

  8. It is heartening to see so many new voices emerging to challenge the myth that the sexual revolution and contraception have been a good thing for society.

    In addition to the aforementioned 1Flesh, here are a few more examples:

    Jennifer Fulwiler, "The Contraception Trap":

    Mary Eberstadt, "Has the Sexual Revolution Been Good for Women? No.":

    Lila Rose, "Battle hymn of the anti-abortion feminist:"

    Tom Hoopes, "The Truth About Natural Family Planning:"

    Mister H (yours truly), "Why the Catholic Church Opposes Contraception:"

    Janet Smith, with the classic "Contraception, Why not?"


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