Friday, June 22, 2012

7 Quick Takes #41

Breaking news: Dwija had her baby! Head over to her blog or twitter to congratulate her and the new #babyseen! 
--- 1 ---
Kayla and I recorded our first podcast last night about iuseNFP. I don't know about her but it was my very first podcast ever. Scary, right? Anyways Dustin from The Catholic Lovebirds graciously hosted us and it turned out really well! Check it out and let us know what you think! (It's kind of long but we're worth it right?) Here's the link!
--- 2 ---
I had orientation for my clinicals this whole week. Let me tell was fun. We were bombarded with a bunch of information that was meant to scare the bejeesus out of us and make us feel inadequate I'm sure. We had a bunch of 4th years telling us all the stuff we needed to know, books we needed to by, and showing us where we needed to be. After that I went and spent a pretty penny at the bookstore. My most important find was this:

I'm not even going to pretend to care how nerdy that is! I've already lost one perfectly good white coat to a busted pen, I'm not about to lose another. 

--- 3 ---
This is my last weekend before I start my surgery rotation. Everyone going into surgery was told to sleep as much as we can this weekend because we're not going to get much sleep for the next 8 weeks. The 4th years on surgery told us they get about 3 hours of sleep a night and they are at the hospital 12 hours a day. Excuse me while I go vom...
--- 4 ---
So what am I doing to celebrate my last weekend? We're doing a little date night tonight with mini golf and Cold Stone. Then Saturday morning we're waking up to head to my hometown. We didn't go last weekend for Father's Day so we're making it up this weekend. We made a deal with my dad to let us take him out to eat. He's always been very stubborn about not letting us buy anything for him. In order to strike this deal of buying a dinner for him, we had to concede to him buying me 2 new white coats and 2 pairs of Dansko shoes. He would have been better off just buying dinner. ;-)
--- 5 ---
Another reason we're going home is to pick up some new furniture, well new to us. My uncle got new furniture so we're taking his. We currently have my grandparents old loveseat and recliner and we're upgrading to two recliners and a full sofa. Never in my life did I think I would be this excited about a sofa...alas I am giddy.

Our current furniture (the day we moved in.)
Can't wait to show you the new stuff!

--- 6 ---
One of the magnets we'll be selling.

Last but certainly not least theres more iuseNFP news. We're going to sell some magnets! They're a small size (about business card size) and would be perfect on a fridge, computer, filing cabinet, whenever and they're only a dollar! We're taking suggestions for what sayings you liked the most to put on them.  What are you favorite iuseNFP sayings?
--- 7 ---
Friday Funny: 

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  1. I don't know about medicine, but in science we always have ugly, XXL dirty lab coats. My mama got me a super nice one from here:

    If you're in the market for a cute one (as lab coats go), I like mine a lot.

    Good luck in surgery rotation, that sounds pretty grueling for the first one!

  2. just let me know where to ship the chocolate-covered coffee beans. :)

  3. Good luck on the surgery rotation! I do NOT do well without sleep, so you have my sympathy!

  4. I can't love that magnet more!!!!

    Enjoy this weekend before craziness ensues!

  5. 3 hours sleep?! That is insane! And we wonder why there is malpractice! I hope they are overexagerrating. How can a person function on 3 hours sleep?

  6. Oh my gosh! That dog is SO my Kali (with an extra special distrust of the UPS man!).

    I can't be too hard on her - she saved me from a bat, yes, a BAT, the other night.

    3 hours of sleep? Ugh, I never would've survived med school - in awe of you!

  7. Seriously, I would never want sleep deprived people on my operating room.

  8. I enjoyed how you reference "the 4th years"...couldn't help but imagine you saying it in a British accent with a Hogwart's robe on talking about divination class or something. ;) #harrypottergeek

  9. "We were bombarded with a bunch of information that was meant to scare the bejeesus out of us and make us feel inadequate I'm sure"-- Chuck is in his first week of residency orientation, and I think he feels the same way.

    Good luck with your surgery rotation!

  10. Love the pocket protector! Nerd pride! lol

    Good luck with surg!!

  11. I was in your shoes 11 yrs ago. It was worth it! Good luck. And I dug the magnet, too.


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