Friday, May 25, 2012

7 Quick Takes #37

--- 1 ---

Me watching Glee Tuesday:

I wish I could say this was an exaggeration.
Am I right, Mia?
There is a Glee spoiler coming up so if you haven't watched Tuesday's episode you may not want to scroll down.

--- 2 ---

Taking a cue from Bonnie I'm sharing one of my favorite songs:

Speaking of Bonnie...if you missed the #icecrunch update she had her baby! Check out her blog for more up to date news (and hopefully pictures soon!)

--- 3 ---

Today is the last day of my Step Prep program. We're just under 2 weeks out for the test. Holy hell...

--- 4 ---

For those of you suffering from depression over the fact that Finchel broke up I have good news for you. In real life Finchel is apparently a thing. Lea Michele and Cory Montieth are dating and while it's not replacement for Finchel...I'll take it. I present you with Monchele. Enjoy.
Almost as good as Finchel...almost.

--- 5 ---

So now that you've found out that I'm certifiably crazy...just be thankful you didn't see me Tuesday night. I swear I could feel Steven eyes judging me. Plus can't I blame some of this on my stress level? No? Well I'm doing it anyways. +1 for boards. (Which brings it's score up to -1982372359.)
--- 6 ---

This started to be about Glee but that would be overkill (not 3 posts ago.) So since I can't think about anything else: check out the Giveaway post to see if you won if you haven't already checked! :)

--- 7 ---
Friday Funny: We've all been there...

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  1. "You know what is weaker than your fist? This window!"

    Not that I have any personal experience... more personal exposure!

    I gave up on Glee after the Britany Spears episode (too much for me), but I still enjoyed your posting on it.

    HOORAY FOR FRIDAY!! I'm avoiding packing right now...

  2. Thank you for a Friday Funny. I really needed it this morning.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. #2 makes me SO EMOTIONAL... my husband put it on my facebook wall right before our wedding. *cue snotty slobbery crying*

  4. I'm still grieving from the Glee season finale. I watched it again last night, and of course sobbed. The part where Finn is racing after the train is too much!!! Monchele will have to do for now, although it is not the same as Finchel. What will I do on Tuesday nights now? I am already ready for season 4!!!!!!!!!! #missingfinchel

  5. I've been like half watching Glee.. since I have gotten rid of cable I haven't been able to watch anything but ABC (so sad) but I've been keeping up on Hulu.
    Everything makes me cry, I swear.
    LOL at 7. Love it.

  6. Like Emily I've been half watching Glee. Sometimes it's a little too much for me and sometimes it is the most fantastic thing.
    Mia and Katie, your love of the show makes me smile.

    Katie, thanks for the well wishes. The birth story is finally up! Lots of napping for me and cluster feeding for Teresa made it hard to type up!

  7. I CANT HANDLE IT!!!!!

    They didn't for real break up... when they're not coming back... unless they are bringing their characters back? But how can that even happen?! Can they just tell me what happens?!

    And I was wondering watching this season if the real Finchel was real. Yes, not as good, but still cute. Can we hope it lasts? I feel like these celebrity relationships that happen after they act them out don't ever work out... :(

  8. Girl....I KNOW. Love that gif of me on Tuesday night, lol. I'm pretty sure I've already moved through the stages of grief. Anger was pretty hard to shake, though...

    Yes! Monchele!! Perfection! Now if only they could do that on the tv show. I'm so upset about it I think Glee and I need a trial separation until Fox restores this imbalance in the Force.

  9. I was super behind on TV and didn't read this post till now after catching up on Glee. I was seriously yelling at the TV the whole time!! And I was like man why wasn't my high school this cool? It'll be interesting to see what happens next season since half the cast "graduated."

    But alas I was telling my co-workers what I did last night (watched Glee) and they seriously looked at me like I was crazy #conofworkingwithpeopletwiceyourage :(


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