Friday, May 4, 2012

7 Quick Takes #34

--- 1 ---
Not the most eloquent but it gets the point across.

We launched the iuseNFP site to beta testers this week! We launched on May 1st which is the anniversary of Blessed John Paull II's beatification. As Kayla so perfectly said "You can take the website out of the Church but you can't take the Church out of the website." Oh and friendly reminder: if you want more frequent updates on the site go 'like' the Facebook page, follow the Twitter, or sign up for the RSS feed.
--- 2 ---
In case you missed it, I'm on a blog break (excluding Quick Takes) so instead of me writing I'm hosting a link up where you can all post all of your favorite posts! Also, the link up is to celebrate reaching 100 followers. Hot damn, right? So go submit your favorite post or two or six and check out what everyone else is sharing.
--- 3 ---
So the first two years of med school are called Phase 1 which I have now completed. I have this weekend free and then Monday I start a board prep program. Monday through Friday 8-5, which for all of you who work will probably think is no big deal. Unfortunately the first two years of med school have conditioned me to think school should only take place from 9-12 and so 8-5 seems like torture.
--- 4 ---
To celebrate me being done with Phase 1 of med school, my mom and sister are coming up to go thrifting. This is my last thrifting trip until boards are over so I hope we found lots of amazing stuff. And not only are we thrifting but she's bringing up our dog so that I can love on him and so he and Jack can play. I'm unbelievably excited. 
My baby brother and me.

--- 5 ---
So I had the pharm tests this week right? Well you know what's fascinating about learning 600+ drugs in 4 weeks? Nothing Understanding drug commercials. I now understand why this always say "Please inform your doctor if you're taking an MAOI." and what not. I'm actually learning stuff...weird. If you want to see the kind of stuff I'm learning check out the NBME's practice questions (scroll down to page 46.)
--- 6 ---
These have been my shortest, most sporadic, least organized Quick Takes ever and if you got through it go you! Enjoy a Friday funny for it.
--- 7 ---
Friday Funny: If only Jack were half as smart as this dog...

Thanks to Kate for sharing the crazy dog lady
love and sending this my way.

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  1. Your blog ate my comment!! How Rude! But basically how many phases are in med school? 1 2 5? At least the school part is over. I would think the next parts would be more fun? maybe not. All I know about medical school/doctors is what i see in the little bit of doctor tv i watch.

    #5 - My friends and I were talking about this on facebook last night. 90% of these commercials are about all the side effects it's scary! Yes I want to take a drug that will give me a stroke, heart attack, make my hair fall out, etc. I think I'll take my chances with being ill. We decided the best commercials are the ones for anti-depressants that cause suicidal thoughts. Isn't that kind of defeating the purpose?

    P.S. on that my sister told me she was on yaz (for like a month) like 5+ years ago. She's like it got recalled last week I'm glad I'm off that nonsense!

  2. Ahhhh it ate my comment, too. Do you feed your blog??? :P

    8-5 IS a long day if you are just sitting all day. I have a job where I'm on the go alot and I always wonder if I'd be able to transition to a job where I'm just at a desk all day. I think it would make me antsy and mean. Make sure you have lots of paper to doodle on!

  3. Yup, 8-5 in front of a computer all day is not the greatest. At first it seems awesome because you're all "Hey! Internet! Games! Blogs! This will be awesome!" But it's not. It's not awesome. Because even if you have nothing else to do, technically you're not supposed to be surfing the internet. So you get in a rut. A mindless, Facebook checking rut.

    I need a new job.

    1. You are not alone, friend. It does seem awesome, but it is decidedly NOT. Face to face human interaction PLEASE! :-)

    2. I'm with you there, and it's a GREAT way to procrastinate doing real computer work. (Hey, I'll read one paragraph and then comment on blogs, that's productive, right?)

      Science can be very isolating and I look forward to moving into a more social environment someday.

  4. I've followed you on FB. Congrats on 100 followers!

  5. #1. Speaking of NFP, have you seen this? It must be SO hard to go against the established medical conventions this way, and her choice to be an NFP-only doctor is impressive.

    Good luck with board prep!

  6. NFP is not the effing rhythm method - AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yay for learning stuff. :)



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