Monday, April 2, 2012

Hutch To Bookcase Remodel

We had a bookcase at our apartment that was from Wal-Mart, cost $18, particle board, and a total piece of crap. When we were moving the mover lifted it up and it fell apart which wasn't surprising at all. Since then all the crap that was in the bookcase has sat in the same box that it was packed up into a year ago while I've been looking for a decent, real wood bookcase.

As fate would have it my mom had been storing some furniture from my uncle's house that he no longer wanted. My sister was going to use it in her new house but decided against a couple of pieces. This was one of them:

Amazing photography. Hot spots and all. ;)

My uncle said that if we didn't want the furniture he was going to burn it. My sister said she wanted a mirror for the dresser instead of a hutch and wouldn't use it. So being the thrifty person I am I thought "I bet I can make that a bookcase." I mean it met all of my requires and then some, real wood, not a piece of crap, and the best part: made in the USA. So after a few thousands hours on pinterest looking at house plans cocktail recipes future baby ideas furniture remodels, I decided to give it a go. I was in charge of painting and Steven was in charge of adding a bottom to it.

Enough talking already show us the before and after pictures lady!*

*I'm not a DIY/remodel your crap blogger. Because of that, I'm really bad at remembering to take pictures. So most of the pictures are actually between phases. My bad.

Kind of before.

Poor lighting because I forgot to take the picture until that PM.

After the first coat.

Second coat done and in the house.
After trying out a few places it found it's home.
Now I just need to add the books. 

I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out. It looks nice. It's sturdy. My books are back out again.To top all that off, I was able to do it for about $20 (man primer and paint are more expensive than I thought though.) Either way I was able to save a considerable amount because the cheapest 3 shelf, real wood bookcase I could find online was around $200 without shipping. Booyah! 


  1. It looks great! And I'm actually sort of amazed that you found a POC bookcase for $18. I've seen them for $80! And also for $35. But really, $18?? Shopping for bookcases makes me so sad. Congrats on your great $20 find!

  2. Count me super impressed. Nothing makes me happier than bookcases full of books!

  3. Love it! You guys did a great job. One of the first purchases I want to make after we get married are some REAL bookshelves because we have two particle board ones... ew. We will have to thrift them, but hopefully the search will be fun!

  4. That's impressive, it looks really good! :)

  5. Looks good! It's amazing what a coat of paint can do.

  6. good for you!! looks great! we have had at one time or another,every cheap bookshelf that was ever made.

  7. Wow!!! Looks great! You have some great eyes for a fine piece!


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