Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter

Hope you are all having a blessed Triduum and have a very happy Easter. Here's some pictures of what I got my nieces and nephew this year. Rain jackets and Easter baskets with candy and stamps. Plus there's a cross in there to keep it religious.

The last one is my favorite. It says "Roar!" and "Dino Mania" on it. In other news we have a lot of other very springy developments, like blooming flowers!

As if roses weren't beautiful enough, Instagram cranks it up a notch.
Azaleas are just about ready to bloom!

Here's the instagrammed version. Boom!

Other that blooming flowers and rain jackets I haven't got too much else going on. Oh, unless you count the totally awesome new iuseNFP site coming in may. Check it out! 

Now back to studying I go because we have a test Monday and a review Sunday (ON EASTER!) Let me know how you spent your Easter, I'll need something fun to read besides mechanisms and adverse effects of drugs. 

And now I'm going to leave you with this awesome quote I saw on twitter today.

Tomorrow your church will be packed with prodigals coming home. Don't be the older brother. Instead throw a party.

Thanks for sharing that Brandon.

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