Friday, April 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes #32

--- 1 ---

Oh my, we have gotten so much stuff done for the site. I am unbelievably excited to launch this thing (and that is only partially motivated by my intense desire to be done with getting all of my content in.) We have been so blessed with lots of wonderful people volunteering their talents or donating their treasure. Seriously people have donating some unbelievable things! Speaking of donations we got one in this week that is going to be a give away prize. I can't say what it is on here but I have a feeling if you sign up for the RSS feed you'll see it today. :) I will give you what our last sneak peek was though you can see what you're missing out on!
You know you want it...
--- 2 ---

Speaking of NFP, man there was a bunch of NFP talk this week in blogs. (And that's just a few.) I like to think I started this trend back in August (though Obama, Ashley McGuire, and Jezebel have helped some too.) Anyways, I wrote this week about how we should sell NFP. I know what you're thinking: "You did that one already!" Well this one is slightly more specific and I would love to hear your opinion on it. Check it out: Natural Family Planning Sucks?

--- 3 ---

Finally bloomed.
On a completely different note: Look how pretty my flowers are! We used miracle grow this year and everything has just been coming up like weeds. My azaleas are going crazy, my radishes look like they're on steriods, my maple tree has quadrupled in size, and my roses...don't even get me started. Too late. My roses are GORGEOUS. We have at least 100 blooms on our 3 bushes and they are so vibrantly pink. I am in love with these things! This is my view when I come home everyday. Jealous right?

--- 4 ---

Have I told you all how my mom sends the best care packages? Well she didn't let me down this week. My dad stopped by on Sunday and he had a big bag and a special surprise. My mom sent up my favorite snacks (fudge rounds, cheese nips, lard, triscuits), a new spring jacket, and a pound of my favorite lunch meat (that they don't sell up here.) Plus she sent my favorite bread from a bakery down there to make sandwiches with. Isn't she the best? Well it doesn't stop there. This was the big surprise:
A new area rug!
She saw this on sale at Target and thought it would look good in my house. I love it. You know who else loves it? Jack. He hates to sit on the hardwood or tile so he would never beg at the table while we were eating. Well now the little shit has a carpeted floor for all of his begging needs. He's never been so happy.
--- 5 ---

My last week of classes is next week. We have a 4 day week then 3 tests and then I'm DONE. (kind of) It's the end of my "always in a lecture hall" phase of med school (except for board prep but whatever. I've decided to not think about that yet.) Now that I think about it this is my last Friday. Wow.

--- 6 ---

Lastly, another shameless plug to one of my posts. After a few people requested a how to on thrifting I finally got around to writing it. It's got my top 5 Thrifting Rules and a few fun pictures of stuff that I've bought. In case you missed how addicted I am to thrifting let me just clarify, I am a thrifthead, a consignment junkie, a thriftie. But I did manage to save over $1500 thrifting in February so at least there's that.

--- 7 ---
Friday Funny: 25 Pictures Taken at the Exact Right Moment

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  1. Ohhh goodness at that picture. wow.
    I'm so excited for your website!! ahh yay! It's going to be awesome :D
    Yay for lectures being almost over!

  2. Great minds think alike bc I almost posted a link to that website in number 7. I had that one and a 50 people you must meet. But decided they were too raunchy and ppl might be offended/think I'm nuts. But glad you posted them because it's awesome!

    That mug came out great! I can't wait for the website too! Yay for lectures being over. I think everyone has a love/hate relationship with school. When we're in school we want out when we're out of school we want in.

  3. My MOM sent me the 50 people you must meet and it was hilarious, so you're definitely not nuts. (Or maybe we all are!)

    Keep up the good work on the site, can't wait to see it.

    Congrats on finishing classes! I'm happy to say that I've been out of a classroom for 2 years and have NO DESIRE to ever go back to school.

  4. Can't wait for the site! Though I couldn't seem to get to the RSS feed. But that might just be me (it often is). The photos were quite funny, thanks for sharing! I do find it interesting out of all the pictures you could have chosen, you picked the kid vomiting. What's up with that? :)

  5. What a great and thoughtful mama you have! All those goodies sound yummy! I love the area rug. It looks like a bigger version of a rug we have in our kitchen! Cute!

    I can't wait to see all that's in store of the NFP site! Thanks for you hard work and passion!

  6. Yuck! That picture in #7. I liked the cat pictures on the link... The internet is supposed to be all about pictures of cats, right?

  7. Are those knockout roses? They are gorgeous. The ones in our front yard have been going crazy as well. So pretty. And thanks for the great thrifting post. I learned a bunch.

  8. Great flowers! I just love the look of the bird's face in #15.

  9. Those are beautiful flowers! And I used to love getting care packages from my parents when I was in college. Something about receiving something in the mail, the old way, from home... Nothing like it!

  10. Love that rug!!! (And the mug too :)).


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