Friday, April 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes #31

--- 1 ---

I made some new NFP buttons for the new #iuseNFP website that I've been sharing on our Facebook and compiled them in a post the other day. Hope that you enjoy them. Oh and if you think of any totally awesome sayings that you'd like to see on a button share them with me for the new batch! :) By the way, have you liked us on Facebook? You should. So go do it.

--- 2 ---

A few weeks ago I told ya'll about this lady who is Jehovah Witness who had stopped by myself to talk to be about 'true Christianity.' I told her I'd read her Watchtower Magazine and to come back. Well, she came back Wednesday. I got my bible out and the magazine she had given me out and asked her about their teaching on the Eucharist. It was about a 15 minute discussion where we discussed the meaning of John 6. She ended up leaving only being able to sheepishly say "Well that's not how we interpret the word flesh." Then she gave me her latest magazine and told me she'd come back. I hope that she does because that conversation was one of the most exhilarating things I've ever done!
--- 3 ---
Our cards

On a different note, have you guys heard of the totally bitching new website coming in May, ;-)  Well we've been working hard to get everything going and we're making some huge strides. This week our business cards came in the mail and they are awesome! Plus one of our giveaway prizes came in and we shared an exclusive sneak peek at what it is on the RSS feed. Head over there and subscribe to see it.

--- 4 ---
Other than the new site I've been busy with school. We had a board diagnostic test on Wednesday that we were told not to study for so we could see our basement. Our whole class left it thinking it was very hard so that made me feel better. Starting the second week of May we start our board prep program and then June 6th is the big day. Can ya'll believe it? I know I can't. I'm almost half of a doctor. I'm an M.

--- 5 ---

Now to make you totally distrust my medical opinion I'm going to indulged in some super nerdiness. J.K. Rowling announced her new book's release this week. September 27th people!! It's called Casual Vacancy. It's apparently very different from Harry Potter but I'm excited nonetheless. Who's with me?

--- 6 ---

For my second piece of nerdiness: This weekend I have big plans. BIG PLANS. This weekend in the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. I have always loved the Titanic, not the movie the boat. I mean I like the movie (who doesn't) but the real thing, you can't beat it. So for part of my Valentine's Day gift Steven got us tickets to the Titanic exhibit that's in town and then we're going to see the movie in 3D. I am too pumped up! I'll be taking a bunch of pictures too Dwija so get ready! What are your plans for the weekend?

--- 7 ---
Friday Funny: My sentiments exactly. (h/t to Liesl for sharing this wonderful site with me!)

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  1. 2 - It'll be interesting if that lady comes back again.

    5 - This working thing has me way behind the media. I hadn't heard about this must google this book!

    6 - when I went to vegas 2 yrs ago we walked through this titanic exhibit it was really cool they gave us a passenger and at the end you got to see if they survived (mine did!) This weekend I have to help and give a talk at our confirmation retreat. I live dangerously.

  2. 5: So ordering it with my birthday gift certificate.

    7: That's the plan tomorrow.

  3. Haha I love this - "I'm an M." Have fun at the Titanic exhibit! :)

  4. I am so pumped about eating meat today that I made that my profile picture! I fast from meat every Friday, so they fact that today is a feast day and I get to have a nice juicy burger on a Friday makes today the best day evah!! So, if you see someone running around in a crazed manner with a broom screaming about cheeseburgers... it's probably me.

  5. Oh, and yes - JK ROWLING! Wow. I'm excited now!

  6. Katie, I love the business cards. Based on the conversations at my blog maybe you could include some thoughts on postpartum "no sex for months" suckiness. I used to love the Titanic but after the movie I was kinda over it. Sad, dontcha think? Lastly, we too will be eating meat! Go crazy!

  7. I'm looking forward to Rowling's new book. I'm definitely a fan of Potter and it will be interesting to see how she writes for the "adult reader".

  8. I love that you're standing up to that Jehovah's woman. I always feel so blindsided by the door to door religious people. The Friday funny is funny, but I believe that all Fridays are meatless during the year, unless one is offering up some other sacrifice instead of meat.

    1. The one exception is the Friday after Easter, since it's considered a solemnity. (each day in the octave of Easter is a solemnity)

  9. Congrats on the M! And the great witness you gave to the Witness!

  10. We saw the Titanic exhibit when it was close by a few years ago. It was really interesting.

    As for J.K. Rowling--heck yeah I'm interested! I'm glad she's doing something different. I was afraid that was all she'd ever write.

  11. Have fun this weekend!!
    Congrats on the 'M'!!

    BTW to answer the previous posters question: Abstaining from meat or some other Friday sacrifice requirement is lifted during the Easter season.

    1. Yes to the meat! Which is why I totally got excited :) Back to the no meat soon though... :(

  12. LOVE the way you're handling the JW - I sometimes wish they'd visit me just so I could talk to them. ;)

  13. Full disclosure, I'm pretty excited about the new Rowling book, too. I'm not as headfirst in HP as you are, but I do love her writing.

    #2 - I hope they come back, too! I'm so jealous of your skooling skillz! Way to pwn them ;-)

    #3 - Almost gave the address to a woman today. Was at my NaPro dr's (which inspired the PCOS NFP/TTC post you'll be getting soon) whose office is in a "women's health center" which doubles as a crisis pregnancy center. It's actually pretty brilliant, bc they offer the same ObGyn services as PP does, but without the cancer & death. ANYWAY, so this young woman was there for a well-woman, and they were trying to get her to come to the NFP class, and I wanted to sneak her the web address for, but the nurse was glaring, & I was too lame. Next time . . . next time . . .

    #4 - I like that, "I am M." Way to go! Keep up the good work, so that we have more helpful women doctors!!

  14. Love the buttons, the cards and the site! you rock!!

    Great job speaking with the JW!

  15. "I'm almost half of a doctor. I'm an M." Lol. Chuck used to always sign his name with half an M, M, M. (he figured he got the period for passing boards), etc. We're just 26 days from his official M.D. though! Praying for you for boards!

    Also, he got up with me on Friday just so he could make us bacon for breakfast. So that we could have meat at every meal on Friday. haha.

  16. I really like Titanic as well. I recently read an article about a priest who heard confessions and prayed with the people on the ship as it was sinking. He gave up his spot on a lifeboat to fulfill his duties. Amazing!


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