Sunday, April 29, 2012

100 Followers Link Up

So I broke 100 followers yesterday!! Yay! So in honor of that and my hiatus coming up I'm unfortunately going to put off the giveaway until I get back. (But trust me it will be one bitching giveaway then since I'm making you wait.) Instead I want all of you wonderful people to help supplement my now 100 followers (and give me stuff to read for study breaks.) So here's the plan: we'll do a linky party!


What is your favorite post you've written? Share it in this linky. What's that? You have two favorite posts? Share them both (we're a judge free zone here!) You don't have to link back here nor add the picture (although neither are looked down upon ;-)) to participate. Just share your badass writing skills and check out everyone else's. Ok enough explaining the non rules of the link up. Have fun!


Thanks for stopping by! I love comments so if you've got something to add please don't hesitate. Also, I don't require that you agree with me but I would appreciate if you're nice. :)

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