Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tell Me About Your Song!

Are you married or in a relationship? Do you have a song? Well if so I want to hear about it. (And I promise that's the last part of this that sounds like a crappy infomercial.)

I heard the song Steven and I danced to for the first time as husband and wife the other day and it always brings a smile to my face. Then I thought "Hey I could milk this for a blog post and so could my readers! Score!!" So here's the deal: I'm going to answer some questions about "our song" and then if you feel so inclined write a post, link back here, and add it to the list. Then hop around and find some cute music (or if you're not married and/or don't have a song maybe some inspiration for a good song.)

Let the fun begin!

What was your song? Share a video if there is one!

Beautiful You by Lee Brice

Did you always have a song or did you have to find one?

We aren't super romantic and never really had a song (so kudos to you guys out there who aren't married and do.) In fact we were engaged for months before we realized we weren't going to have a song to dance to for our first dance that meant anything. In my crazy pre-wedding frenzy I set to Youtube and Google in hopes of finding the perfect song.

That got me nowhere (not technically true, Taylor Swift and I figured out what song to use if Steven dumped me, if someone tried to break up the wedding, or if I broke up with him unfairly in December. Fun but not totally practical) . So then I decided to go through all 1245 songs on my iPhone and force an emotional response to one of them. I only made it to the "B's" when I found our song.

Why did you pick this song?

Because we were desperate. We picked this song because it wasn't popular (neither of us wanted a cliche that everyone else had been using) and because it was true about both of us. We could each pick out lines that were exactly about us, separately and together. Example:

"I worry myself crazy till I can catch my breath"

This is me, up and down. I worry something awful. Steven has to talk me off the ledge at least once a week. 

"I know we need each other but it seems I need you more."

With all the ledge talking, I'm 98% sure that I am much more dependent on Steven but he tries to argue the opposite. I'm not buying it. (Wait, is codependency not romantic? Eh, oh well!)

And maybe we were desperate a little.

What does it mean to you now?

It's really special when we hear it now. Like I said before it's not popular so it was never on the radio nor is it now. That means pretty much any time we hear it we're intentionally listening to it and it's really sweet. If Steven plays it then I know he's going out of his way to show me some extra love that day. Or sometimes when he's really trying to be sweet (or make up for something) he'll just start singing it and grab me close to dance and spin me around like we were taught in our pre-wedding dance lessons. It never fails to make me smile.

How has the meaning changed since you first chose it?

The meaning has always been about reminding ourselves that we love each other (even when we hate each other) and getting our minds off of stupid stuff that causes fights and back to what brings us together. Before though it brought us together because we would both be thinking "Can you believe we're actually going to get married and dance to this? Crazy!!" But it wasn't sentimental because we just up and picked the song. Now it's become much more sentimental because it's been used on so many romantic occasions.

Won't you share a picture of you two dancing? (Doesn't have to be a wedding picture!)
Getting down...
There you have it! Now it's your turn.

Here are you questions, have at it folks!

What's your song? Share a video if there is one?
Did you always have a song or did you have to find one?
Why did you pick this song?
What does it mean to you?
How was the meaning changed since you first chose it?
Won't you share a picture of you two dancing? (Doesn't have to be a wedding picture!)

Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to read them!

If you're not married but have a favorite love song and want to share it then share away! I'd love to read it! Also, if you don't like the question format, scratch it and write it however you want. I promise I will not be offended.


  1. I love your picture.
    And I love this idea for a linkup. I like how he sings it when he's trying to make up for something :P
    I'm almost glad Jim refuses to sing...

  2. I'm a little late to the party, but I added mine!

    I have to say I've never heard of your song Katie, I'll give it a listen :-)


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