Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Use NFP- A New Website

Ever since the Where Do We Go From Here? post I've been pouring over every detail in the comments about what we should actually be doing about promoting NFP. I was complaining that Planned Parenthood had taken everything that was pink and fun and we were left with babies, mom pants, and creepy baby stickers. (Right, Paige?)

Oh and this...

Well as I was about to polish off my box of wine oreos and call it a day on my pity party, Kayla e-mailed me about taking pink back and creating the best NFP website ever. I fervently wrote back to her with the most enthusiastic yes I'd ever given (don't tell Steven) as I played the Braveheart speech in my head.

Now we're within about a month of launch date and have a coming soon page up which you should all check out, right meow. Seriously go, join the Twitter, like the Facebook, and hold on tight because we're taking the internet by storm.

The site will be offering lots of valuable information about using NFP for a multitude of reasons like trying to conceive, trying to postpone pregnancy, being green, alternatives to IVF, and much much more. Plus we'll be hosting giveaways.

So here's where your responsibility comes in: tell me what you want out of the site. We're hosting an NFP giveaway, what do you want to win? (Don't worry Creighton girls, ultra plush toilet paper has already been suggested.) Are you struggling to conceive and want to know more about your options? Are you just looking for online resources like apps to help you chart more effectively. Whatever your NFP needs are let us know so we can help fulfill them. Speak now or forever hold your peace. :)

Oh and share, share, share!! 


  1. Excited! I would like a resource page of where to learn the methods (for more than just the US - Canadian girls want to use NFP too!), and for a call for someone to make a Creighton app!

    1. What province are you in? Where I live there are a couple provincial organizations where someone can actually certify to coach NFP.

  2. OMG best idea ever!! Sections on those TTC, or those TTA (trying to avoid), with special sections for those with common problems in both those areas (PCOS, endo, etc.). A section for those who aren't religious and use NFP, section for those who are religious (maybe even a discernment guide for whether to start TTC?), section about ways to still be affectionate when you are abstaining. Also just a helpful "new? start here!" link would be good with a description of NFP generally, why it's great to use, and then a list of all the different methods. As much is the site is about support, it could also be a great evangelization tool for NFP! This could be a good place to site all the research about hormonal contraception and it's harmful side effects.

    It would be awesome if there could be a forum hosted onsite, and a resources tab where gals can find links to NFP practitioners in their area. Also, maybe a 'just for guys' tab, where guys can learn about NFP and how to support their partner.

    What to win? Hmmm...pregnancy tests??? LOL Charting supplies (maybe a free app or two?). Something like a Lady Comp would be nice too, but obviously that's expensive. Maybe some books - like Marilyn Shannon's "Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition." Would be super awesome if we had "I Use NFP" koozies or something!

    Just some ideas! Super excited about this!

  3. Oh this is awesome! I would love to contribute in any way that I can!
    I love all of commenter Martha's ideas. There is just no SINGLE central place to find all of this now, at least none that I've ever heard of. We desperately need it.

  4. LMAO- As a creighton girl, I'd actually like ultra STRONG tp... ya can't make an observation when it tears lol!

    I answered your giveaway question in cathsorority but will repost here:
    TCOYF? I've never read it, but people seem to love it. Though I guess if you are already using NFP it might not be that helpful. Maybe a super awesome NFP tshirt (I'd totally wear it).

  5. What about "NFP worked for me" onesies for the give-away? I think it would be great to present NFP from a variety of perspectives - those who are green, those who are religious, those who are coming to it because of infertility... Explaining the options to IVF is SO important - Thank You for doing it!

  6. I love the NFP worked for me onesies :) How about a pink basil body temperature? Some ovulation test strips? A subscription to Fertility Friend?

    I am excited for this launch!

  7. So excited to see the website! We need something better than is out there. If I didn't know how great NFP was, that billboard would be enough to make me run far, far away.

  8. If you ever want a contributor on PCOS using Creighton, let me know. Also, I've been doing a lot of research about self-care for PCOS, and natural treatments for fertility-related stuff is a big part of NFP.

    I love all of this! Keep it going!

  9. Mobile friendly.

  10. Lovin' the coming soon page! I've followed on the twitter and liked on the facebook. Once it's up and running, would you like my #iusenfp sidebar button to point there instead of to your blog or....?

    This is exciting!

    I've been toying with writing something about how we are pregnant with #5 and therefore know that NFP works. Not that we got saddled with 5 surprises (as some might automatically assume, ya know?). Anyway, if you are going to be looking for guest posts and stuff, message me later, okay?


  11. I love the idea of showcasing all the types of married couples who use NFP and for what reasons. It's so nice to either get support from a like-minded couple or see someone's different point of view.

  12. I would love a forum! I have so many questions and don't know who to ask.

  13. I like the forum idea - like Catholic Answers has, perhaps? NFP is not part of the pre-cana program and even though the diocese has a program (probably), B.'s schedule (as you know) cannot commit to anything right now. I would love a newbie's guide to NFP, because YAY! I KNOW NOTHING!!!!

    Except that I want to do it. Sort of. 15 babies sounds awesome right now.

  14. What a great idea! I became certified as a Marquette Instructor about 10 years ago, and I was so frustrated when speaking to engaged couples, that I didn't have a cool website like this to direct them to! One idea for a giveaway: a new book for Catholics struggling with infertility that is coming out in April. A friend mine reviewed it and it looks like it is going to be really good! Here is the amazon link:
    Keep up the good work!

  15. What about something on Lacatational Amenoreha (sp?) or Ecological Breastfeeding.... because of that I don't have a need for might be helpful for some people. Just saying!

  16. Giveaway ideas- Clearblue easy monitor or box(es) is Clearblue easy strips, or packs of digital ovulation predictor kits. Also- someway to link from google for people searching alternatives to the pill, not just searching NFP. And I'd love to see a lot of info on NFP that hits home for the "green" folks out there... Less religious, more just lifestyle and family planning options.

  17. I'm so excited that the site will be up and running shortly! Its going to be SUCH a great resource. Thanks for all your hard work in making it happen!!!

  18. We single women have hormones and cycles too!

  19. Awesome, awesome idea! I particularly like the concept of showcasing real people -- photographed well, attractively, making their lifestyles look current and desirable. I am thinking of those great Mormon websites and messages that are so cool, fresh, and modern looking, yet are totally unapologetic about their point of view. NFP is not only Catholic, it is "natural," "green," "hormone-free," and all those other buzzwords. Drives me crazy that so many women will spend crazy dollars at Whole Foods for organic, hormone-free food, cosmetics, and cleaning products, while feeding themselves a steady stream of hormones every day for DECADES!

  20. I would love to see a spot where readers can link up their NFP related blog posts :)


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