Sunday, March 18, 2012

Green Thumb

I spent my St. Patricks Day doing lots of green things, gardening. Let me clarify something with you. I. hate. gardening. Seriously, it's the worst. It's dirty. It takes forever to get a result and then the result is vegetables?? WTH! If I put that much work in I want calories and fat and deliciousness. Needless to say Steven did most of the gardening. So what did I do? Weed, I was the Weed Eater yesterday since ours is broken. Let me show you my skills.

Front Yard
Before- What? Are weeds and grass not in? Guess
I need to renew my Landscpaing Lovers magazine.

After my weed eating action.

A closer view- pre mulch
Definitely worth the impending carpal tunnel
Mulched and weed paper down. Suck it, weeds!

Our pitiful tree that broke in half last year during a storm.

New tree, mulch, bricks, and tulips. 

Back Yard
Ignore the broken storm door, this is the only
'before' I have of our back yard. 

After I ate the weeds and lined it with brick.

Plus mulch and a rhododendron (which I don't know how to pronounce)

Our new patio furniture.

And now I am sufficiently pooped. I think it's time to relax on the new furniture and enjoy a beer or two before the next basketball game. Have a happy rest of your weekend!


  1. Love your patio and furniture! That must make it worth the work :)

  2. I'm tired just from reading this post! I hate gardening too. Plus I have bad allergies. I agree we should be able to grow a lollipop tree!

  3. You did such a good job! We're nervous about having a yard one day soon because we also aren't big yardwork fans.... I'm hoping the pride of seeing the end product will be our motivation. That and not having the neighbors hate us.

  4. Wow! That takes some hard work. It looks great! :)

  5. It looks fabulous! Want to come to California and do mine? :)

  6. Well done, Katie! I hate yard work as well. I do whatever I have to to make it fun. One year when I was teaching the Red Scare in my history class, and had a lot of weeding to do, I told myself that I was McCarthy, and I was rooting out the 'green' communists as i pulled the weeds. (total nerd, I know!)

  7. Wow! You really worked hard. Glad you had time to join us at Sunday Snippets!

  8. oh got a a lot done...good for you. i love the outside chores the best!! My oldest son planet lettuce and radishes this fun! when he comes home again for Easter break, he'll see them sprouting and will be hooked to gardening for life!!!

  9. I don't like gardening either, but I sure appreciate other people's hard work. Somebody has to be an admirer of gardens so I figure it may as well be me. : )

    Very impressive.

  10. I've never gardened before, but I'd love to learn how to (my mom has a "brown thumb"). Nearly every post you write, I think "How does that woman do all those things while in med school? I couldn't even take care of laundry while I was pregnant and at home all day with nothing to do, much less do everything else!

  11. Looks great! I always hate the weeding part, but LOVE your after photos! Hope you have been enjoying your beautiful outdoors!


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