Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day In The Life Guest Post

Stacy over at Catholic and Crunchy has been hosting a really fun series called Day In The Life where we get a glimpse into the lives other our fellow bloggers. It's been so fun to read them but the only image I have of most of these people is a mental image of them typing away at a computer providing me with hilarious, thought provoking posts/tweets to read. It's been nice to get a glimpse of their life as real people. ;-) So what I'm a getting at here? I did a guest post! What to know more about my slave labor gardening fun I did on Saturday? Head on over to Stacy's blog to find out.

If you're here from Stacy's and just peeking around, welcome! I blog about my dog, Jack, my life as a medical student, my addiction to thrift stores, being Catholic, and you could probably add Natural Family Planning in the mix too if you're being generous. Thanks for stopping by!

Expect to see a lot of these

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