Friday, March 30, 2012

7 Quick Takes #30

--- 1 ---

This week I shared the way Steven and I doing our NFP charting. We use Creighton and it's the only NFP system that has yet to delve into the online charting aspect and we were horrible about keeping up with all the stickers we needed so Steven found a solution. He point his Excel skills to work and this was the result. It's worked really well for us and I hope that it works as well for you. You can download it here for free!

--- 2 ---
Also on the NFP front we have HUGE news! Kayla from The Alluring World and I are starting a new website all about NFP. As Kayla so aptly put it:  is a new website by women, for women. It is comprehensive, fun to use, and easy to navigate...We concluded that the world needed (and women deserved) a new NFP website, this one focusing on women coming to NFP for non-religious reasons."

The new site should go live in May and we'll be kicking it off with a HUGE giveaway and then following that up with another giveaway, and then another, and then another. That's right 4 giveaways spanning two months covering all your NFP needs. Which reminds me, what are your NFP needs? A new thermometer? A copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility? As Creighton girls have suggested, super strong toilet paper?  Let us know so we can tailor it to you!
--- 3 ---
What's that? You're too excited about the new site to wait a month? I don't blame you. To get your fix now head over to Facebook and 'like' us or if Twitter is more you're thing follow us there! Hell, why not do both? You know you want to. You'll be the first to know about the latest and greatest iuseNFP news and maybe a few hints about the giveaway!
--- 4 ---
As if that isn't enough exciting news for you, I have more. Kristin Chenoweth tweeted me back this week. She had tweeted about how she want to see October Baby to which I responded back with the thanks for the support that you see above. And the something amazing happened she wrote back! I about died. I'm from Kansas so we don't ever see or run into celebrities so this was pretty much the equivalent to me!

--- 5 ---

Next week is another test week. Blah. I am so ready to be done with tests especially this next round of them. Somehow our school managed to schedule our next two tests on Good Friday and Easter Monday. So much for having a relaxing and joyous Easter weekend. Which super sucks because I got my nieces and nephew the cutest gifts. Plus they're just getting to the age where they can actually do the Easter Egg Hunt and the love us so you know they'd want us to help them. Damn med school. I guess this is just the first of many missed holidays that are sure to come. But enough wallowing, check out their cute baskets! Plus I got them all rain jackets too.

Not all candy either, there are
some fun Easter stamps too.

--- 6 ---
So remember when I bitched and moaned told you about all the gardening/landscaping we'd done. Well the hard work has paid off  because our garden is taking off! Check it out (although don't compare our radishes to Dwija's, she has mutants!)

My Lilly of The Valley. The smell so wonderful when they bloom.

We've got peaches!! (and lots of clover)

Our radishes! This is an old picture, it was taken 4 days
after we planted them. Crazy!
--- 7 ---
Friday Funny: Perfect candy bar for Lent. :)

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  1. How in the world did you have time to put together a (super amazing) website idea while in med school? I'm pretty sure I need to add some goals to my life after the wedding haha!

    Lol at the chocolate bar! It's funny that I didn't have that much trouble giving up sweets for the first few weeks, but these last two have been so hard!

  2. Boo for a weekend of tests, but yay for the super cute Easter baskets. I am so impressed with the idea for the new website. My best friend is a priest, and he has been reading a lot of blogs about NFP to help him prepare to preach on it. He found yours and was very impressed!

  3. Oh my gosh, those candy bars. Too much.

    Can't wait for the website!

  4. Awesome chart for Creighton, you two are so clever. I suggest Scott 1000 sheet rolls ;)

  5. Yay for NFP resources! We just started using the Ovacue for NFP, and while I've not used it long enough to say how well it works, I'm glad to have something to take some of the stress out of charting!

  6. I'm looking forward to the NFP blog- may I suggest a section for non-Christians? They deserve organic you-know-what too! ;)

  7. THANK YOU for the NFP tools - I will definitely be passing the info on to my young adult friends :)

  8. Thanks for working so hard to make the website, I can't wait to see it. Also, good luck with your upcoming tests, I can't believe they scheduled them then!

  9. Looking forward to that website! You ladies are awesome! Good luck on your tests! I hope you find a little time to squeeze in some Easter fun with your family, though!

  10. Those are the cutest little baskets! It's so exciting that Easter is right around the corner! Props on the garden; mine has devolved into a giant mound of dirt. Haha! That's going to look so beautiful when everything has bloomed.

    Also, nice candy bars. I like Testamints, myself. ;)

  11. SO excited about the new website. And I feel like I always need a new thermometer. I'm pregnant right now and I was checking our old one... I think the battery is dead. I don't know.

    My husband's in school also - he has a 20 page paper due on Easter Monday. :/ I'm feeling your pain!

  12. Love there is a new website!!
    happy Holy week...and good luck with your tests.
    My garden is sprouting too..yea!

  13. The Billings people already have an Excel chart available with baby stamps and everything. It works just as well for Creighton. Just copy the baby stamps into the proper location. (Look for the Excel spreadsheet at the bottom of the page)


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