Friday, March 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes #28

Remember how I made a bunch of NFP buttons? Well the fantastically amazing Emily at Day in the Life finally made them all into buttons instead of pictures. She figured out the code I had been working on for weeks within a minute. She's a genius I tell you!! Anywho, if you were itching to get one, it's been made even easier so have at it. If you're still not sold check out how awesome it looks on Dwija's site! Don't you want to be just like her? I know you do.

--- 1 ---

This week I did my very first link up! It's about "our song" and if you want to share the story of your song with us head on over and link it up! :) There's already been some super cute additions so I know you want to join the ranks! If you don't have time today the link up is open until Wednesday.

--- 2 ---

Tomorrow I'm forcing Steven to not go work at his grandpa's and stay home and work here instead (because I'm nice like that.) The weather is supposed to be beautiful so I want to get our outside looking nice. We bought trees last year that didn't make it so we went and bought better trees this year. We have a Crabapple, Autumn Blaze Maple, and a peach tree. Plus I got some tulips for up front and a rhodendron for the back yard. Don't let me fool you though, I really hate all this landscaping and gardening crap but I do love that it makes our house look nice. Plus free veggies and herbs don't hurt. I just hope I don't get scolded by Miss Garden Club Grand Supreme this year. :)

--- 3 ---

Cutest niece ever! 
This week has been my Spring Break so I've been keeping busy with trips and chores. Last weekend we went to Steven's family's house because his high school had an alumni basketball tournament. We got to spend time with our nieces who are about 3 years old and think the world of us right now. They said the whole week they kept asking "When are Jack, Katie, Steven getting here?" Yes they said Jack first but whatever. In fact we were so popular that we were the ones they wanted to take them to the bathroom. I even "lucked out" and got the #2 trip. (And all I could hope for was that scene in Big Daddy where the little boys screams "I wipe my own ass!" Unfortunately I didn't get that scenario.)

--- 4 ---

My big project this week has been turning a dresser hutch into a bookcase. I saw something similar are pinterest but it was really a dresser so they changed the knobs and painted it. This SOB-ing hutch was a little more difficult because I had to find a board that would go on the bottom and not look ridiculous. That proved harder than I was thinking so we just went with a board that fits and hopefully the paint makes it look okay. I'll let you know if it looks really ridiculous or just kind of.

--- 5 ---
I have done something similar to this. Let's
hope it doesn't happen again.

Other than my big bookcase project, I've been trying to scratch some other things off my Pinterest list. I made some laundry detergent today, made homemade chicken broth and chicken enchiladas, made a bathroom cleaner with vinegar so I could clean the bathroom, and made some bacon egg and cheese biscuits to put in the freezer. I tried the whole 'bake your bacon so it's healthier" thing which is a crock. Yeah, the fat renders out but the bacon just sits in it which is delicious but by no means healthier. I have the weekend left for projects, any suggestions for fantastic freezer food, cleaners, or bacon recipes?

--- 6 ---

Yesterday a couple of older women came knocking on my door to talk to me about anger and why there was so much of it in the world. When I reached out to grab the magazine they were waving around to give me, I saw the phrase "Watchtower" on the second magazine they conveniently sneaked behind the "anger" one. Just when I was about to say "Alright, thanks. Bye bye now." They asked me if I knew about true Christianity. Ok sneaky old women, if you want to play this game then let's have at it. I responded "I'm Catholic. I already know about true Christianity." To which she fired back "Well, we'll be back after you read our pamphlet to answer your questions then." Oh I hope they do come back. I spent the afternoon highlighting things in their pamphlet and cross referencing them to other verses in my bible. Bring it on lady (who is conveniently named Mary!)

--- 7 ---
Friday Funny: I've never been into the lolcats thing but I am into adorable babies with tolerant pets! :)

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  1. Love your Friday Funny! lol. I want me some o' them biscuits you made! Those sound awesome!

    I hope those old ladies come back, too! I get so tired of those people trying to sell me their religion. Hello, people! We obviously have a religion already if there's a big ol' Mary statue in our front garden. I always wish I had pamphlets I could give them and I could say, "sure, I'll take your pamphlet, if you'll take mine and read it."

    1. My Dad totally used to do that! The people would come to the door and give their speal and he'd be like i'll be right back (they think awesome he is going to get us money) would come back with some kind of catholic prayer card/pamphlet (you know those ones that come in the mail or you get at church for free but no one wants to throw them away).

  2. Haha, I hate those people who go door to door. I don't need people telling me what to believe.
    Also, glad I could help out :)
    Anddd I almost used that same picture for my 7. I'm glad I didn't!

  3. #3 had me laughing for a solid few minutes. Kids are great, aren't they?

    #4- post a before/after picture! I love furniture repurposing (not that I've ever done it).

    #5 how about cooking the bacon on a cookie cooling sheet with a pan underneath so the fat drips down from the bacon? I have no clue if "cookie cooling sheet" is the right term.

  4. #5: OMG. I didn't read the caption at first. I thought it was someone's insides. hahaa. That's awesome.

    Also, I love big daddy. I tried to make my husband watch it with me and he was like, "What the hell is going on?" He doesn't like many movies.

    Happy gardening and happy weekend!

  5. Oh the folks with the Watchtower. I usually send them packing, though there is a part of me that wants to have a discussion with them. Oh, well. I think you should let us know how that detergent goes!

  6. Alright, I'll be that person. I love Jehovah's Witnesses. And Mormons. They make my insides fuzzy :) I always want to invite them in, get them a glass of tea or lemonade, feed them cookies and chat. But really, I appreciate their dedication and organization. And all the free books they get/give out. I'm a sucker for books, but once my little siblings started learning to read, I threw all those books into the burn pile.

  7. Also, number 5 just cracks me up.

  8. This whole thing is just great! I am not on Pintrest, but maybe when I have a better reason... like crafty stuff!

    Love the zombie baby!

  9. I love your Friday funny, but not half as much as I love that Big Daddy clip. Extremely awesome.

  10. When I was in college we had several 'Catholic homes' where a bunch of Really strong Catholics would live together. Whenever the Mormons, or whoever would come knocking, they would be graciously invited in. Then a roommate would go get on the phone and the computer, and within fifteen minutes, there would be fifty hard core Catholics there ready to have a good conversation about the faith. Always made for an interesting afternoon. :). And let's see some pictures of the dresser hutch bookcase!

    1. HAHA that had me dying laughing!! Sounds like something some of my college friends would do.

  11. I will warn you (please take it from me, professional door to door religion salesperson arguer) they will NOT. STOP. COMING. They will.grow ever more aggressive in their pitches to convert you. You will become their pet project. Your bible means NOTHING to them, theirs is all edited to fit what they believe. Just want you to know what you're getting yourself in to.

  12. I love your buttons! I added the "...because wouldn't I look silly buying hormone free chicken if I didn't?" one to my sidebar :)

  13. Congrats on being the bathroom person!

  14. I get the exact! same! thing! from a Jehovah's Witness lady in my town. She comes periodically, always with a different "sister." I'm still waiting to really get into a good discussion with her, because every time she comes, it's a bad time (baby). Their theology is WHACK. I've spent more time researching it than it deserves. But the woman who visits me is kind and sweet, and I am angry that she has been deceived. These "missionaries" are doing what they believe they are supposed to do, but they have just as much right as anyone to hear the truth. I pray to the Holy Spirit that we can plant a seed! :)

  15. #3 ... now I guess you DON'T want to be popular if you have to wipe #2. LOL
    #4 with the food ... that's so me!
    And #7 ... oh, wow ... I'm STILL laughing! That will be my kids with my cats!


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