Friday, March 9, 2012

7 Quick Takes #27

--- 1 ---

Well it's practically spring break. I'm so ready for it too! This week has been test week and it's just been hell. Our class normally does really well on tests but this week our average as ~7% lower than normal. That's damn near a whole letter grade. Not good friends. I haven't heard about how the final Thursday went though. I just hope that teachers realize that it's not just because our class slacks off but instead because of ridiculous amounts of minutia that MD's don't need to know. Okay, rant over.

--- 2 ---
I read an article yesterday about the legality of Pinterest yesterday. At first I thought it was kind of stupid because why would anyone care if their stuff is pinned? I mean it just gains exposure for the brand. But it's not so much a problem for the people getting stuff pinned; it's a problem for the pinners (you and me, folks.) Apparently the agreement we all signed when joining read:

You acknowledge and agree that, to the maximum extent permitted by law, the entire risk arising out of your access to and use of the site, application, services and site content remains with you."

And apparently it's in all caps too. Damn. I'll definitely be watching what I pin a little more carefully now.

--- 3 ---
I am a crazy dog lady and in return I have a crazy dog. This my silly dog deciding he doesn't like apples, yet will eat his own poop, my used kleenexes, and mulch.

Am I not an amazing cinematographer?

--- 4 ---
I was trolling twitter seeing what's being said about Natural Family Planning when I came across this little gem: New Face of NFP Docs. NFP? Doctors? You know I'm in. Anyways, I'm reading the article (which is fantastic and you should all go read it to be encouraged by the 6 new NFP OB/GYNs) and I came across a familiar name, Simon Patton. Well actually it's not familiar at all because I've never met him. So what's the big deal you say? I have 'met' his wife, Grace. Ok, I haven't met her either but I do read her blog and envy over her sewing skills. That's the same thing as knowing the person now-a-days. Anyways, I was amazed by how freaking small the world is and thought I'd share. Go Camp Patton!

Okay, shared.

--- 5 ---

On a totally random note, I watched the show GCB this week. I'm kind of a crazy Kristin Chenoweth fan and have been waiting for it to air for months. It premiered this Sunday and I really liked it. Yes the title stands for Good Christian Bitches but it was still entertaining. Of course it's not Downton Abbey but it will probably do really well replacing Desperate Housewives. I've heard things about advertisers pulling out because of the controversy surrounding it's name and content. Anyone have a strong opinion on that? Personally I'm kind of over all these 'pull support' crap lately. (Ellen, Rush, SGK, etc, etc)

--- 6 ---

Since so many of you lovely people responded to my Where Do We Go From Here? post I had lots to go off in my response to it, A Shitty Old House. Thank you all for your thoughtful comments on all of these posts. Because of all of your encouragement I've got a lot of things in the pipeline. We started with the NFP buttons and those went over fantastically. I think next if anyone is interested, I'm going to share the Excel version of charting that we use. It's nothing super fancy but it makes it nice that we don't have to deal with losing little sheets of stickers, replacing the stickers or charts, and we can't spill coffee on them. I'm going to work on making a template for it over Spring Break and have it in a Google doc next week (unless ya'll know of a better way to share it.) Let me know if you're interested.

--- 7 ---
Friday Funny: This was sent to me Wednesday and I love it. Thanks Christina for making it!

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  1. 2 - I've been reading stuff on pinterest like that lately. I still love Pinterest! The thing is I can quit using pinterest but people can still pin my blog if they want.

    3 - We had dogs that hated veggies and fruits but would eat candy and poop also. It must be a dog thing.

    4 - So true. There are bloggers I've never "met" in real life but I feel like I know them and I will talk about them like I have.

    HAHA I LOVE NUMBER 7! So True!

  2. LOL - Number seven made me laugh out loud. While we don't currently use NFP, since we can't have children anymore, it reminds me of the days when we dealt with infertility and all of the charting and such. It became such a science.

  3. LOL @ The "GCB" show. How do they even come up with these names?!

    Is #7 up for grabs? Super love it.

  4. I love 7! That is awesome. I Loved your last post, didn't quite get the chance to comment since I was reading it on my phone (stupid Arizona!) but I'll just say here that it was a great analogy! Oh and totally awesome.
    Happy spring break! I'm sad that this is the last day of mine. And that dog video is funny! You have quite the cute dog :)

  5. Pinterest seriously scares me! I know it can be good for promotion, but I am terrified! I hadn't pinned that much, but I went and deleted it all anyway. Now, I'm VERY careful to pin the original source and am very selective about what I pin!

    I LOVE Kristin Chenoweth, but I hadn't heard about the new show. I sort of live under a rock. The only show I watch is How I Met Your Mother. And sometimes the Duggars. I'll have to check it out.

    I really appreciate everything you write about NFP. It has helped me tremendously on my own NFP journey! Keep it up!

  6. #4 That article is great! It's unbelievable how under-educated OB-GYN's tend to be about this, especially since it would seem to me to be, like, the most BASIC part of what they'd want to be knowledgeable about. DOH.

    #5: I loved GCB, too. Kristin Chenoweth teetering around on her super high platforms on a chair while looking through a telescope was pretty hilarious!

  7. I love giving my dogs veggies when they are in the kitchen begging, and then they realize it's not something they like and spit it out. Ha ha

  8. #7 is awesome... simply awesome! Oh, stop by my blog... I gave you a bloggy award.. hooray!

  9. #3 LMAO - Chewbacca is the same way with fruit. He'll carry things (a blueberry, a slice of banana) around, place them in front of him when he sits and then carry them to the next place for hours - but he never eats them. Carrots he'll chew to pieces and leave around. Like imusthaveprayedforpatience, I find it funny when he begs for whatever I'm eating, only to discover it's NOT something he wanted, spits it out, and then begs for it again.

  10. Hi, this is Christina, the one who created the the NFP image in #7. :) Of course, I wouldn't have been able to make it without Katie's great #iuseNFP buttons! I just wanted to say that if anyone would like to share it with others that is okay with me. I really want to spread the word that those of us who practice NFP are living our lives and having a good time. I'm so thankful for this blog because I think it is already making a difference in the type of information available to women and men about NFP.

    Regarding #4 - I'm excited to go read about these NFP doctors. I haven't found a totally pro-life doctor yet and when I have had to explain NFP in the past it is sometimes interesting to see how little many doctors and nurses know about NFP.

    About #5 - I have to agree that I'm basically over all of the 'pull support' hype that has been a big deal recently. I have not heard about this show, but will be sure to check it out.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  11. Number 7 is super hilarious! There is one floating around about working at NASA, which my husband does, which is also pretty funny. And good job on making it to Spring Break, especially after a round of tests. I hope that there is a lot of sleeping, resting, (drinking), and relaxing on your schedule.

  12. Haha! You are too funny! (7)

    I saw GCB and I will admit it was kind of funny and certainly a better alternative to "Real Housewives" for guilty pleasure tv. And normally I would see it as harmless, but because of the particularly nasty climate we're in towards religion, I think it's really bad timing. I agree with you, though, pulling advertising doesn't seem to be particularly effective.

  13. #7 - I. LOVE. IT!!!
    I've watched the first episode of GCB (wasn't aware of what it stood for ... wow!). Its ok, but the religious smack talk wasn't something I was fond of. Other than that, it was a good show.


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