Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Top Ten Ways To Lose An Abortion Argument

...and by lose I mean anything that will turn someone away from the pro-life cause by making us look like freaking whackjobs.
Because this screams "Let's have
a civil discussion."

10. Use the phrase 'baby killer."
9. Say "Well I'm sorry you couldn't just keep your slutty legs shut."
8. Quote only favorable statistics. (Statistics can be skewed either way, folks)
7. Spout facts you can't defend. i.e. "Tax dollars pay for abortions." "Oh yeah, what about the Hyde Amendment." "What's the Hyde Amendment?"
6. Tear down the woman choosing abortion. Call her dumb, infer that it is her fault, and most grievously assume that she is a bad, bad person.
5. If in person, yell. If online, use all caps and never check your grammar. YOU HERE ME?
4. Condescend. Belittle. Patronize. In short: be a douchebag.
3. Unfair comparisons. I don't care if you think you have the best case for why moral relativism is wrong- do not compare a post abortive woman to Jared Loughner, Hitler, or Timothy McVeigh.
2. Start with "I'm a Christian so..." This implies a sense of pious self righteousness which everyone loves.
1. Quote the bible. Let me elaborate a bit on this one. If you are discussing this with someone who isn't a Christian, your reference means nothing. You might as well be saying "My aunt Linda says..." I'm not trying to say that the Bible, Jesus, and all of Christianity aren't great forces in the pro-life community but they're also alienating forces.


  1. Great list and good reminder.

    I guess it's just me, but I rarely run into pro-life people who do these things as I've never witnessed it first-hand. I have heard lots of pro-choice/pro-aborts tell me that pro-lifers do these things...so I guess SOMEONE must do it.

    1. I've seen people do these things online such as in blogs/blog comments. But I don't know that I've seen something like this done in real life but I dont really go in the right groups to see that done..

  2. yes- it's 'not fair'- but we have to be examples of charity. It is SO important to love the sinner even when we hate the sin

  3. SO TRUE. Especially that last one - I always feel like waving a Bible verse sign at the March for Life is just preaching to the choir.
    Yesterday I saw what may possibly be the most ridic Pro-Life bumper sticker ever. It was a sonogram image with the words "Woman, behold your son." Whaaa?


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