Friday, February 24, 2012

7 Quick Takes #25

--- 1 ---

This past weekend I decided to make some NFP buttons that people could share on their blog. I want to link them to a totally bitchin' NFP website though. So I have two favors to ask: 1) Go check out the buttons and let me know what you think, which ones your love and which ones you hate. 2) Let me know what your favorite NFP site is. Thanks team!

--- 2 ---
If any of you are here for the first time and wonder what the hell this 'NFP' thing I keep talking about is, fret no more. I had a guest post this week by Emmy at Discount Catholic Products and she answered that very question. Also along the topic of NFP posts, go check out Michelle and Rebecca's joint post about their NFP stories. They are beautifully brave and honest stories about their road to practicing NFP. Also, if you feel called to share your story they're hosting a link up so that you can post yours. Definitely go read it and think about adding your story. The more women sharing their positive success story with NFP the less crazy all of us look for using it. It's a win-win. :)

--- 3 ---

For those of you who aren't Catholic and/or didn't see all the people with dirty foreheads walking around this Wednesday: Lent started. I read this fantastic post about what Lent is not this week and this part just spoke to me:

"Lent is not about making ourselves miserable, proving to God how much we love him, or walking around in sackcloth and ashes. It's about re-orienting our lives towards the most important goal:  Heaven."

We need to focus on making ourselves better through Christ by joining our sufferings with his. It still shocks me that it's not by giving up chocolate and then every time some one offers you chocolate you scream at them "GET BEHIND ME SATAN!"

--- 4 ---

This was a big week for my family. Monday was Steven's birthday. He turned 26 this week and hates it. I know most people have a mid life crisis but Steven is definitely having a quarter life crisis. He hates his birthday for the past two weeks I kept hearing "I can't believe I'm almost 26! I'm closer to 30 than 20 now!" It doesn't help that I'm only 23 and love rubbing it in. :)

Anyways, we celebrated this past weekend by going to his Grandpa's house and spending the day with him and his whole family. Our nieces and nephew were there and they are the cutest. The girls are 3 and they're at the perfect age of being fun and liking us and you never know what they're going to say.  Aren't they the cutest?

--- 5 ---

The other big thing was that it was my parent's dog Webster's birthday. Yes, I know some people think it's silly to celebrate birthdays of dogs (my dad being one of them) but we do it.  He gets a bag of fancy bones and one of the cans of soft dog food and nobody's hurt. Anyways, we adopted him three years ago Tuesday and if any of you have parents whose house is empty now because the kids left (or going to be in a couple of years) get them a dog. It's good for the dog and for them, trust me.

Webster dressed up for his birthday.
--- 6 ---

My mom and sister are coming up this weekend to go thrifting with me. Although I think I bought everything at all the thrift stores this Monday because they all had President's days sales. For those of you wondering, I got my Coach purse! I was thrilled, although that did mean I had to wait outside in the cold for 20 minutes for the store to open so I could have a good spot in line. And in case you're wondering how embarrassing it is to wait outside for a thrift store to open, it's not at all because I got a $40 Coach purse. Booyah!

--- 7 ---

Friday Funny: Catholic Ryan Gosling. Go there now. Thank me later.

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  1. This is my first time on your blog but I already adore you. 1 you adopted your dog. 2. You're a fan of Ryan Gosling.

  2. I think the buttons are great (and am grabbing one for my blog) ~ #9 is my fave, #10 is the toughest for me to read. Great job!!

  3. I loved those buttons you made!
    Also I love 7. And the entire website. So much win!

  4. I'm so excited to see where all this NFP stuff goes! I don't have a favorite NFP website -- I don't have any that I look at, ever. I think we might need to make a whole new one...
    That's a great point about Lent. Thanks for sharing that post!

  5. I just like the simple buttons that say I use NFP. Good luck going thrifting this weekend. I want to see pictures of all the great finds!

  6. I love the quote about Lent...perfect!

    Thanks for commenting on my 7QT...yeah, Kansas won't be the same anymore...but MU will be. I'm excited to see the outcome of that game!

  7. Ugh I don't blame Steven I turn 26 in 2 weeks and I'm soo not looking forward to it. I thought by the time I was 26 I'd be married with kids in a house with a white picket fence. LOL

  8. I LOVE the hormone free chicken button, and in fact used it (with kuddos) in my QT today. I am hard-core into local, pastured meat, and my biggest pet peeve with all these so-called "crunchy" women is how many of them pump themselves full of these nasty hormones.

    OMG on Catholic Ryan Gosling. I love it!

    I am working on my NFP story this weekend. It's a doozy.

  9. Oh girl, everyone is cracking me up today! Except for the "I'm so old" thing. That is downright mean! You tell him just wait until he's 32 AND pregnant- THEN he can complain. Oh, wait....

  10. Dang, you all are young. Love the buttons!

  11. I stopped by here (from Conversion Diary) because of the title of your blog. I love your NFP buttons. I've never discussed it on my button (I have a lot of non-Catholic readers) but I just might drop by that linky and consider writing my story. Actually, I've been thinking about writing it for a while, so this is a good excuse to work on that. :) As for NFP websites, I just found which isn't Catholic but has good resources (and it's nice to see that some other Christian denominations are returning to NFP).

  12. The Ryan Gosling things just crack me up!!!


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