Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Only Tools Steal Tools

RIP Sawzall
So last night at approximately 4:44AM Jack wakes us up by barking. He NEVER does this. He's harder to wake up than a teenager on a Saturday, yet here he was in the middle of the night barking his head off. After a minute or so of barking Steven gets up and looks out our bedroom window to make sure everything was okay. Well he didn't see anything so he thought all was well. Note to self: always trust your growling dog at 4 in the morning. 

Last picture with the saw
Well all wasn't well. Steven works in construction and when he got to work that morning at around 7 he realized 90% of his tools were missing. And that's when we figured out why Jack was barking. Someone broken in the truck and stolen $1500 worth of tools. Some of you may think it's hard to find God's plan in deplorable acts such as these but rest assured He knew what He was doing. Had Steven come to the realization that most of his very expensive Dewalt tools were missing at our house at 6:15am and awoken me, there would have been an utter meltdown in our front yard. See I'm the kind of girl who takes everything personally. When someone stole our pumpkins the day before Halloween I fell to my knees in front of our front door hysterically weeping screaming "How could they do something so mean?!?" 

So thankfully Steven became aware of the situation far away from me. He, I'm sure, had some choice 4 letters words to call the person who stole it and then went into action. He called the police, filed a report, called the insurance, priced everything he was missing, cleaned his truck, called and visited local pawn shops, and is now at the store replacing what he absolutely needs to be able to work tomorrow. In that time I had called my mom crying, googled "what to do when someone breaks into your car.", and watched Ellen.

We like saws apparently.
But in this horrid day God showed me just how perfectly Steven and I were made for each other. I do not handle this stuff well while Steven thrives in it. He can handle a crisis better than anyone I know. I cannot imagine what I would have done had this happened and I weren't with Steven. I'm already replaying episodes of Criminal Minds through my head trying to find an episode that fits the situation. I mean I'm sure the thief is going to come back and abduct me, I'm just sure of it. So while this sucks big time that this happened and it's going to cost around $1500 to replace everything I must say I am very thankful right now. They could have broken into our home, we could have been harmed, they could have stolen the entire truck not just what was in it. Fortunately none of that occurred and we're still alive and well. 

So have any of you poor souls ever had to deal with a felony sized theft before? If so what did you do? If you say check the pawn shops you have to share how you got them to help you? We haven't had any luck with them and the police said they aren't going to look. We had a few choice four letter words about that too. :)

Jack guarding what's left of the tools.

Update: We haven't found the tool stealing tools nor have we found the tools but we did replace mostly everything already. We were very fortunate because last Saturday Steven won $400 in a safety drawing at his company's employee appreciation dinner and then just yesterday they had their monthly meeting and did another safety drawing which he won ($120 this time.) We took the money and replaced almost everything that was stolen and we also bought a gun. I'm not the biggest fan of guns but after this Steven insisted. I pray we'll never have to use the gun (except with clay pigeons) but I have to admit it is reassuring to have. Thanks for all the prayers and kind words! I so appreciate them!


  1. Oh man I am so sorry this happened! How terrible and how low of people to steal. Gosh I feel terrible this happened to y'all ! Never had anything like that happen so I don't have any advice, sorry. I will pray y'all find the tools! And what a good puppy y'all have!

  2. That sucks! I can't stand thieves! I once had some jerk steal a freaking fern off my front porch in Atlanta, leaving one lonely fern flanking one side of the front door. I spent days scanning porches around the neighborhood and giving the evil eye to anyone who looked suspicious.

    Can you file with your homeowner's insurance or car insurance?

  3. Once someone broke in to my old car and stole what seemed like nothing out of it. Which was amazing, because they could have taken my stereo and I even had a bank statement sitting on my passenger seat (unopened) which they could have taken and gotten my account number etc. About 6 months later, I realized they HAD stolen something. I had a giant purple velvet sombrero with gold stitching in my backseat (don't ask) that they had made off with. Seriously. I live in a college town, so it was probably some drunken frat dude that saw it and decided they HAD to have it, jimmied my locks open and took it. Thank God they didn't damage my car or take anything of value. :)

  4. First of all: "See I'm the kind of girl who takes everything personally. When someone stole our pumpkins the day before Halloween I fell to my knees in front of our front door hysterically weeping screaming "How could they do something so mean?!?""

    Don't feel bad, I did the same thing when it happened to us, twice. And I remember my mom doing the same thing when this happened when I was a little girl (like 5).

    We had someone break into my husband's car, shortly after we were married, popped the hood and stole the front fender and grill. It was the weirdest theft I've ever had to deal with, I mean who steals a front bumper and the grill, from an '92 ford escort, hatchback. Thankfully we've never had anything of any real value taken.

  5. That is terrible. I am so glad that you were not hurt, and that the truck was not stolen. It is especially frustrating because they took what Steven uses for his livelihood. Good job on finding a blessing in the man God has chosen for you in the midst of a rough situation.

  6. @Paige I think we had the same robbers!!

    Unfortunately Katie I have had my car broken into 3 times!! The first time they took my tennis racket, $10 in cash, and the front piece of my radio (this was in the walmart parking lot) I think we or someone scared them off b4 they could take my radio.

    The second time they didn't take anything they just broke my window and made a big mess.

    And the third time they took my radio and broke my window. This was like the first week of college in the dorm parking lot! And I didn't even feel that bad. There had been several car thefts in our parking lot, one guys car got STOLEN!! I remember they found it down the road but I want to say it got totalled (i don't remember).

    So yes it's happenned to me but luckily I didn't get $1500 worth of stuff stolen. I just got things replaced as I could. I got the car window fixed and then overtime got the radio fixed. I remember for awhile I had a boombox in my car for music HAHA

  7. Ugh! So sorry to hear it! I haven't ever had to deal with anything like that. It's too bad about the tools, but I'm glad it wasn't worse.

  8. A friend of mine had her camera stolen (valued far less than $1500!) and when she filed a police report, she was told that pawn shops have to report new items to the police, who then check them against reported thefts. I just assumed this S.O.P. for police departments/pawn shops, but I guess not. Yikes.
    Sorry to hear about the burglary. I can't even imagine how vulnerable you're feeling right now.

  9. I'm so sorry this happened, Katie! :( I recently had my car "broken into" (it wasn't locked). There was nothing missing because there was nothing worth stealing, but I could tell by the disarray. It was really unnerving, and that was with nothing stolen. So I can only imagine that it would be a million times worse with expensive equipment stolen. I'm sorry that the police and pawn shops haven't been helpful!

  10. Check your local Craigslist to see if anyone is selling tools that match the description of the stolen items!

  11. I'm just glad you weren't hurt and they didn't break into your house. I would be so, so mad at that stupid person who took your stuff. Hopefully he'll get what's coming to him someday soon.
    We live on the corner, across from the railroad tracks, and because we're on a fairly well-trafficked area, we have kids steal lots of things (corner reflectors, yard signs, rocks, etc). We even watched one little girl stop and take the time to peel the reflector off our old mailbox and watched as she sauntered away. The worst ones are the people that drive through our yard (we have low curbs) and leave their tire tracks. I'm always ANGRY when people violate MY property, but I can't imagine the anger you're feeling to steal all those valuable tools! I'll pray that you can find them!


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