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Guest Post- A Protestant's Perspective

Happy New Year all! We're starting 2012 off another guest post. Allie saw a post on Beth Anne's facebook about the series and responded.  Beth Anne hooked us up with each and lo and behold we have this fabulous post. Thanks Beth Anne, Allie, and Mark Zuckerburg. So if you thought that Catholics were the only ones crazy enough to practice NFP then Allie and I have news for you. This is a beautiful story about her road to NFP as a non-catholic. Thanks so much for sharing it Allie!

You know the Domino Effect?  Where knocking over one ivory piece begins a chain reaction & soon everything is falling?  That's the short version of how we came to practice NFP.

The long story starts with an "almost too big" 7# 12oz firstborn and lots of interventions at birth.  Pitocin, epidurals and forceps were what my Dr. said I needed... and so was the Depo birth control shot he offered while I was still in the hospital.  Easy birth control.  No more babies- which was enticing after an unplanned teenage pregnancy.  My hubby and I were easily sold.
I never experienced any side effects.  But when I started studying health & nutrition, I learned about potential dangers my Dr. wasn't disclosing.  I was injecting chemicals that forcefully altered the beautiful way God created my body to function!  We agreed I'd quit Depo- but would I go back to the pill?
The domino effect kicks in here.  Learning about health led to -> no more BC shots -> 2nd pregnancy -> not wanting so many interventions w/birth -> research & chosing to homebirth with a midwife -> introduction to children being a blessing {} -> moving to a church that took the Bible literally when God calls children a blessing -> NFP!
Revelation #1- God calls children a blessing.  They are rewards (Psalm 127:3).  If I pour my life into writing, recycling, working- these things are good, but of what eternal value are they?  However, if I train up my children in the way they should go and when they grow old they don't depart from it, but live out their days serving our Creator and living according to His word... then I am pouring my life into something of eternal value.  Just like NFP is studying the body, appreciating it's complexity & beauty and living within it's confines, parenting joyfully is living out my intended purpose in life!  How fulfilling!  What a privilege!  Yes, I'll take another blessing, and I'll trust God to provide {patience, peace, kindness}... for her needs and mine.
Revelation #2- NFP = trusting God.  Sure, it's more effective than condoms, the pill, etc when practiced correctly & faithfully... but I am confident that practicing NFP keeps me in a position of asking God what His will is for our family... this time *wink wink*.  And as our family grows, I'm more desperate for God.  I can't do it all on my own {though I certainly try.  all the time.  you'd think i'd learn.} and I have a feeling that has been part of His plan all along.
Revelation #3- NFP introduces a lifestyle of knowing your body.  It's an amazing creation.  So when it was time for birth the next time {naturally}, I learned as much as I could- just like NFP.  And I trusted my body was created for a purpose and could do this- like it does with NFP.  And I took the pain so I could revel in the joy and I trusted my Creator when He says, You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is steadfast because he trusts in you." Chemicals are harmful in birth control, so they are in birth as well- to me and to the teeny infant God has placed in my care.
We have 6 children now.  Not because NFP doesn't work, but because NFP opened my eyes and put me in a position where God could work in my heart.  We've utilized NFP to have 3 year spacing between our first 3 children, then didn't really plan, and now our youngest is 1.6 and we're planning for space before we welcome another little one into our family.
I am so very thankful for the constant stand the Catholic church takes for the unborn and for women's reproductive health.  And I'm looking forward to standing beside other believers in heaven (Catholic + Protestant... all who have "called on the name of the Lord to be saved") & hearing ,"Well done, good and faithful servant.  Your children and grandbabies are all here!"  :)

Can one little decision, like NFP vs Abortifacient Birth Control change your life?  Absolutely.

About the Author- Allie O is a child of God, wife to Chris for 13 years and Mamma to 6... on purpose.  Most of her blogging time goes to but she occasionally gets to talk about family and fun on


  1. What a great story! It's so nice to hear another perspective! I'll be sharing this one for sure!

  2. I love this story! Most people think NFP doesn't work because people have tons of kids but what if those people wanted all those kids on purpose? It's always nice to hear of a great result of NFP!

  3. Fantastic post! I love hearing a Protestant's point of view on this!

    Thanks for sharing!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  4. :) Thanks, y'all!! It's encouraging to hear others' stories. Thank you for this blog, Katie!

  5. Another Protestant discovers fertility awareness:

    This author has struggled with INfertility and is currently pregnant with her first, so we'll see if her outlook changes in the future.


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