Friday, January 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes #21

--- 1 ---

This week was a big week for guest posting. Paige at S'aint Easy volunteered her NFP testimonial for my guest series. It's an amazing witness and has already been featured on The Guiding Star Project's website. Go read it here.

In other Guest Post Palooza news I had my first guest post featured on Mandi at  Catholic Newlywed's blog. She's been doing a series about marrying young which is just fantastic and I'm so happy I had the opportunity to add my thoughts to it. If you're interested in reading what I have to say about getting married two days after starting medical school you should check it out. If you just want to see some wedding pictures, have no fear they're there as well. But here's one just to entice you to go see more:
Check out that spray tan.

--- 2 ---

I recently found a FANTASTIC thrift store by my house. It's only about a mile from me but it's located in Fairway which is a pretty fancy side of town and hence the story has pretty fancy stuff. We went this Sunday, when everything is 20% off, and found some get stuff. They had David Kahn jeans, Seven  Jeans, Ann Taylor and Banana Republic everything, and really nice house stuff. I'm pretty much set on clothes so I didn't buy too much there but there were some walls in our house that we've been wanting to put stuff on so I headed to the housewares section. Here are my finds.

A red clock for our red kitchen!

Finally something for our big empty kitchen wall.

Wrought iron decor for the ugly support beam.
Total spent for all 4 pieces: $10

--- 3 ---

We have a mouse! I have never had a mouse in the house. Nor did I understand what it really meant to have a mouse in your house. They can get on your counter tops. They can get in your cabinets. They can get under doors. They can get everywhere! We think it's hiding behind our store or dishwasher, or at least that's where I've seen twice now. But he disappears into the crack between our stove and baseboard. Well not any more little mouse, you are going down. We went to Wal Mart and loaded up. Bring it on sucker!

--- 4 ---

I've always seen Wordle's and thought they were really neat but didn't know how to make them. Well let me tell you, I feel stupid. There is a website ( at that) where you can go, type in your web address, and press submit then it does the rest of the work. Awesome. So for any newbies checking my blog out for the first time today here's what I blog about. If you go there and make a wordle let me know in the comments or on twitter so I can see what you blog about! :)

--- 5 ---

Today at noon I'll be part of a religion panel for my school. They picked a handful of students representing most of the flavors of religion and I'm the token Catholic. Everyone will be able to ask whatever questions they want about how our faith affects medicine. I'm a little nervous. I hope that everyone will be respectful and I hope that I say all the right things. If you get a chance to say a little prayer for me I would really appreciate it. Thanks all.

--- 6 ---

So as if a mouse in the house was not enough, Steven's truck was broken into Wednesday morning. Let me tell you what a pain in the ass this is. We filed a police report and the police said they weren't going to look for it. Instead they told us to check with Pawn shops. Well there are roughly 1000 pawn shops in our town so we decided to call them and ask. Apparently there's a privacy law where they don't have to tell us what's in their store. As if that's not frustrating enough, we decide to drive to the nearest one and ask and were informed that the law requires they hold onto everything for 30 days so it won't even be out yet. This is so the police can check for it. Well the police aren't going to check and they wouldn't tell us what they had. Good God I can't wait to get back to a small town. The police there don't have anything to do and there's only 2 pawn shops. That sounds perfect to me!
--- 7 ---
Friday Funny: This was my initial relationship with Pinterest.

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  1. Yay for the thrift store finds. That is a lot for ten dollars! And good luck with the panel. Prayers for you to not worry so much about saying the "right" or wrong" thing, but that you would be able to speak genuinely, and that their hearts and minds would be open. And ewwwwwww to the mouse. God luck catching the sucker.

  2. At least they knew they could ask you, eh? I just finished nursing school as the token Catholic. :-) Good luck with the mouse. Your blog is nice! I see you on Twitter a lot but hadn't seen the blog yet.

  3. I literally laughed out loud at the last one. Like. My roommate probably thinks i'm insane.
    I pray your religious panel questioning goes well!
    I also pray that things work out with getting new tools for Steven. What a pain :(
    and I hope your mouse goes away. Also a pain!

  4. #3: stick steel wool in the place where the mouse is entering and exiting. they can't chew through it and it keeps them from getting in.


  5. I hate mice!

    Good luck on the religion panel, that sounds really interesting.

  6. Katie,
    Prayers for the panel. Don't be afraid to stick up for the truth and don't feel like you have to "fight" anyone either.
    Jen is right, steel wool does work. Also, be prepared for finding a living, tortured mouse on the glue pad. Even though I HATE mice I felt really, really bad when I came home to one alive and distraught.

  7. So I went to Wordle and generated my image, and what is the biggest word right across the middle? Not God. Not Jesus. Not even "Why do I have such an addiction to Glee?!?!?"

    No. It was...


    I promise, I don't have a porn site!!! I guess it's just had so many page views?! So, please understand why I cannot post that image on my blog :)

    Good luck on your panel! I have a good friend in med school who always has to defend the faith, and he's becoming a rock star at it. We need strong faithful doctors!!!

  8. Get that mouse! You could also get a cat. That would take care of the mouse! :)

  9. Good luck with your religious panel! I think it's pretty awesome that your school put something like that together, hopefully it goes well.

    Here's the link to my wordle:

    That last cartoon made me laugh out loud here at work. So true!

  10. Wordle is really neat. I never even heard of it before. Here's a link to where I blogged about my Wordle. So cool!

  11. Duh, I didn't post the link...

  12. ohh I need to find the thrift store in Fairway! I go to an awesome thrift store around 95th and Nall for women but its houseware section leaves a lot to be desired!!
    So sorry about your husbands tools! Someone stole my "fun car" a Jeep last spring and I was crushed!!
    Mice...sorry sister!

  13. I know that you are also a crazy dog mom, and that you have already considered the needs of Jack in relation to mouse poison, and so I cannot explain my sudden, irrational desire to warn you to be careful.

    I'm kind of a self-righteous know-it-all sometimes.

    ANYWAY - good luck with the mouse thing. And many prayers for the tools (and the tools who stole them). There are words for those people which I'm afraid would make some of your readers blanch, but I'm sure you'd understand.

  14. HAHAA, I love the Pinterest image. So true. Good luck with the panel, you are a brave woman!

  15. Oh ugh! I hate mice! And I'm fighting crossing over the the last part of the Pinterest image.

    Prayers that the panel went well! I'm surprised Jack didn't take care of the mice for you - Kali was a better mouser than the cats when we had ours!

  16. Good luck with the panel this evening. Just said a prayer for you!

  17. #1 - LOVED your post!
    #2 - You had some great finds! I need to find that store!!!
    #7 - LOVE IT!!!

  18. What an honor to be asked to represent for the Catholics on a panel! 2000+ years of history rest on your shoulders! Just kidding :) Hope it went well!

  19. Great post! We live in the country, Katie, so we have had mice from time to time. It's one of the things I don't like about living in the country. One time, a mouse actually crawled over my face in bed! (Talk about being freaked out!) Last year, we had about 20 mice living in our house (and, yes, we have a cat, but he's not much of a "mouser.") We did a lot of praying and finally, we were able to get rid of all of them. I'm sorry to hear about Steven's truck being broken into. Rough week...

  20. How was the panel discussion?

    Those police are lazy. How frustrating.

    Tell those pawn shop owners if they don't tell you what they have, you will give them their very own mouse and see how they like it.


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