Friday, December 2, 2011

7 Quick Takes #13

--- 1 ---

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around out house. Steven finally got on board with have decorations since it's finally December. My dad quick putting lights up years ago and last year we lived in an apartment that wouldn't let us put them up, so I'm so excited about having Christmas lights up! Here's a preview of what our house looks like:

Our Tree

Our outside trees

Our Slightly Crammed Nativity Scene

--- 2 ---

This week I had my first guest post this week. Mandi from Catholic Newlywed wrote an awesome piece for my series contrasting NFP and Contraception. She wrote about using NFP with intentions of achieving a pregnancy. You should all go check it out here and then go check out her blog here.

Also, if you would like to add a guest post to this series I would be more than happy to have it. Just comment or email me about it. Kendra at The Nerdy Wife is working on one and eventually I'll get another one posted so it's really going be a fantastic little series that you'll rue the day you decided not to participate in if you don't. No pressure or anything.

--- 3 ---

On a less excited note, I have my last tests of the semester next week. I may sound weird but I'm surprisingly excited for it. Not really for the test aspect but just the idea that I only have one more semester of actual schooling left. That makes my heart smile (yes, that's the cheesiest thing ever but it's also true.) I mean I still have two and a half years left of medical school and then at least three more years of residency before I can actually do anything real but whatever, I'm choosing not to concentrate on that.  It's the little things for me.

--- 4 ---

This may sound silly and I know it but I think my dog has separation anxiety problems. (Again thankful that eye rolling can't transcend a computer screen.) Oh in case you forgot or haven't found out yet, I'm a crazy dog lady (as if that needed to be said now.) But seriously, ever since we got back from the hospital he has been such a cuddler. He always liked be around us but now it's like he has to be ON us. Plus anytime either one of us leaves he cries forever! And when we both leave we can hear him crying as we're pulling out of the drive. At first I thought it was kind of cute like "Oh he misses us!" Now I'm just worried about him. Has anybody else had this happen?

See what I mean?

--- 5 ---

For those of you who were here last week that saw the brownie/cookie/oreo concoction, oh my! Warning: do no make it unless you can get rid of it all in one night or don't care about your weight at all (like my husband who needs to gain weight after his 12 days without food in hospital...I just hate him sometimes.) It is delicious. I who gained weight while Steven was in the hospital and am sure I will gain more by Christmas cannot stop eating it. I tell myself I'm just going to eat a little chunk, but 4-5 'little chunks' a day is like 2 big pieces. Please someone come take this from my home!! 
See what I mean?

--- 6 ---

How did the revised Mass translation go for everyone? We were out of town at the most beautiful church. It really made up for the one I was talking about in One in the Same. It was everything I think of when I think about a church. Thank God for small town Kansas churches. Anyways, it went really well. Most everyone there read the new translation and there were only a few who wouldn't. I can't wait to get back to our parish this week to see how it's going there. Hope it and the beginning of Advent went well for you all!

--- 7 ---
Friday Funny: Stephen Colbert's Opinion of the change in the Mass in his segment Yahweh or No way. Enjoy.

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  1. I loved that Colbert clip! So nice when Catholics can make fun of themselves!

  2. Your house looks great! And that Colbert clip was hilarious. I'm the pope of basic cable!
    I liked when we said "and with you" the priest goes "wrong. try again". He continued to say that every time people messed up.
    I did enjoy the man with the booming loud voice that said it correctly :)
    I feel bad for the little kids that just learned the creed and everything and have to relearn it!

  3. Your decorations look so pretty! I hope we have a home of our own next year to decorate. It just isn't the same watching your mother in law decorate.

    I looooove cuddling with my doggie Chandler. When we lived in our house before we moved to KC we could hear him whine and cry when we'd leave the house. It broke my heart. We'd always let him cuddle with us on the couch. At my in-law's house the dogs aren't allowed on the furniture... (except I let them up there when they aren't at home... heh heh.)

    The Mass translation went smoothly at the 10:00 Mass at St. Agnes. People had the translation cards glued to their hands.

    I love Colbert!

    Hope you have a great weekend, friend!

  4. I like your decorations! Maybe I'll actually try to decorate a bit.

  5. I like all your decorations. We just decorated last night ourselves. In our little apartment we get a mini-tree to put on the counter (also so the dogs don't get to it).

    We used to have a rescue dog who had TERRIBLE anxiety: she would run her nose against the bottom of the door til it would bleed. We tried to give her clothes that smelled like us and put on the radio when we were gone.

    We've got two dogs now and they keep each other company. We also let them cuddle us a lot, too. :)

  6. Loving the decor. I have never seen a white Christmas tree look so good. I would be interested in writing a guest post for you. . . maybe about the reactions of others when they find out you use NFP? I will start thinking, and am totally open for input.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my site today! Man, that dessert looks so delicious!!! Do you bake it according to the brownie instructions? I don't know why I'm asking as I would eat the entire pan in two sittings (or less) and go into a diabetic coma... but maybe I'll make it for a get together for forced portion control ;).

  8. We used to have a white tree with multicolored lights that I loved. It wasn't a "nice" tree, though, so my cat destroyed it by trying to sit in it and the branches got all bent up. I haven't been able to find a white tree with multi lights since! We had it decorated in all silver and blue, it was very pretty!!

  9. Love the Christmas decorations! And I am so glad that dessert is not in my house. This last week or so with Thanksgiving has not led to good things on the scale.

  10. Awww that picture with your dog is so cute! and yes, my dog also cries when she's left alone, it's called being spoiled :)That brownie looks delicious and yay for tests being almost over (if only for the year.

  11. Pretty tree :) I still have an advent wreath to put together :) I'm glad the brownie cookie dessert came out good I need to try it eventually! I saw that Colbert video earlier in the week it was funny :)

    After something that happened last night I might be intrigued to write an NFP series post from the unmarried/single person perspective :)

  12. LOL re the Colbert! "We're trying to get to heaven here, not take the SATs." Oh my gosh, so funny!

    Have you ever tried Composure treats for your dog? Or the DAP collar? Both work well to calm my dog. She freaks out occasionally for no apparent reason. Has like panic attacks or something.

  13. Hi katie,
    I found your blog from Mandi's (Catholic newlywed)
    I would be very interested in writing a guest post for your series if you still want more.. I'm in the UK, married to a non-Catholic for 5 years and expecting baby no2. We use sympto-thermal method. Drop me an email if you like clare dot reay at hotmail dot com

  14. #4 - yep, that happens in our house all. the. time. If it's not one dog, it's the other - and sometimes it's both!

    Please stop posting awesome dessert pants won't fit if you keep this up ;)

  15. Hello Katie! Love your photos! It's great to see a med student promoting NFP. My husband and I have been teaching NFP for 27 years. I'm also a Catholic novelist who promotes NFP and the TOB through my novels. (PS, I'm certain I posted before but for some reason, my post never showed up...) Also, I can't seem to post a comment with my blog address ( so I'll add my Google account. God bless you...

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